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July 1, 2009

So much has happened in this past week.

– My mother was diagnosed with Coronary Heart Disease and experienced two small heart attacks. (one occurred on her actual birthday)

– My son, Christian, was sick from Thursday to right now! (Today is Wednesday and he is feeling MUCH better)

– An elderly woman at a care home I manage was brought to Emergency and is now on Hospice.

– I had three articles due (Imagine trying to keep your mind focused when your fatigued)


SO! It’s definitely been tough. I experienced a ton of emotions including: sadness, fatigue, anger, etc. I was also extremely busy (in fact I feel like I LIVE out of my car..constantly going, going and going!!!)  I do admit that I’ve always been to a certain degree, a very busy person so I am used to turning off the car…turning on the car…etc.  However,I am not used to having a big, fat baby seat in my arms though! That definitely slows me down.

Last week I DID complete me 10-mile running goals. YAY! It was my 3rd week of success. I’ve definitely seen improvements in my body. I dropped to my lowest weight in two years on Saturday. In commemoration of that, I wore my ‘skinny’ jeans…the one that I bought in 2003 and haven’t fit me since 2005.  LOL!

I need to work on my butt though – so that has been my main focus (in addition to running) I lose a lot of weight on my upper body first and my lower body last…starting with my butt, then downwards. SO! I’m going to do a bunch a butt workouts like this one and hope it plumps up again! (Even though it’s still not THAT bad)

As of today (Wednesday) I have NOT completed ANY workouts. Three days is the longest I’ve gone without training in a long time…I’ve just been so drained and busy. If I’m not working out I am at the care home, visiting my mom, or tending to Christian. AND who can leave a sick baby??? NOT ME.

So – he’s doing much better today. He’s actually playing in his jumper right now…with a BIG smile!

My goal this week is to continue trying to drink 2 shakes a day (which has been admittedly hard) and eat moderately (which I did well this past weekend!) The emergencies had something to do with my appetite!

I do have ONE confession to make.

On Monday night, I was felt an intense hunger for a PB sandwich. So at 10pm (even though I try to stop eating after 8pm, especially carbs!) I made myself a PB sandwich on two large white slices of bread with all natural, nutty peanut butter and strawberry jam.  YUM. It tasted so good. And I didn’t regret it.

I even had a glass of red wine to top it off.

In ten minutes I’m leaving for the gym – after that errands, then work, then errands, then dinner with my family….

My goal this week is:

1) Drink two protein shakes a day

2) Run 10 Miles

3) Work on Butt and Abs

4) Train intensely 4 days this week.

5) Maintain a moderate diet (I am premenstrual so I tend to go off a lot)

6) Lose 1 pound. (that’s do-able!???)

Have a wonderful week everyone!

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