Reflections of a new Me.

June 20, 2012

June 19, 2012

Lately I’ve been overwhelmed with social media. I’m not just talking about Facebook, I’m talking blogs, Twitter and Pinterest. It amazes me how much information is available and how instantly and continuously connected we are. After several years, I finally started a Facebook page. Last year I created a Twitter account, but I haven’t used it since. I even became a member of Pinterest, but the last couple times I’ve entered the site it became too overwhelming.

Naturally a part of me wants to increase readership, but a part of me also cannot physically keep up with the demands of constant communication. I have a hard time writing weekly on this site! For me, my online presence has always been an ability to expel my innermost thoughts about life, love, happiness and sadness. It wasn’t created to show people what I like to do daily or advertise any product I’m selling – it was created to resonate with people who are more than the images we post on Facebook or the two sentences we write on Twitter.

Recently I updated my About Page and included a timeline of events so new readers can understand the evolution of this website. It always amazes me to recall that single, young 24-year-old girl creating a simple website to write her reflections on various life events. Readers have watched me fall in love with an injured man, get engaged in front of family and friends, give birth to my first son and receive the Sacrament of Matrimony without my mother present.  It amazes me how much I’ve grown on this site, with my audience in tow, reading every evolution. It was created to document an internal journey; for my journal entries don’t take two minutes to read and my story doesn’t take a few images to understand.  

Right now I’m gearing to evolve again. I’m settling into my role as a mother of three young boys, a business owner, nonprofit founder and writer.  I am leading several weight loss programs – an effort I didn’t expect to take on or enjoy. I feel like I’m re-discovering my passion again. I’m writing more consistently. I’m training more vigorously. I’m promoting better nutrition in my household. I’m feeling good about my future goals.

My goals include a photo shoot by the end of summer, a book by the end of this year, a new program for my nonprofit and a new business in 2013. In order to achieve this I plan on training harder, working smarter and praying continuously. Every day I constantly remind myself that success is achieved when preparation meets opportunity.

So I’m preparing…

…And I’m praying for opportunities.

There are several people I admire. Some have thousands of Twitter followers; others have new fitness books. It’s funny when people say they want to be like me when I’m always looking at someone else I want to be like. I don’t know how well I would be as a larger presence in social media (unless I had an assistant of course) but I know I am preparing myself to do whatever it takes to progress myself towards what I want to achieve in one year.

This is a camera shot taken Saturday night

With my love bug. He had an awesome Father’s Day Weekend.

Couple's night out with my high school girlfriend, Jen!


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