Life Investments.

December 31, 2010

December 30, 2010

Lately I’ve been figuring out my focus for the next year. When we rang in 2010 I was focused on giving birth to a healthy son in April, profiting as a new business owner, succeeding in a 50k grant for Fitness without Borders, planning a meaningful wedding and getting in the best shape of my life at 30 years old.

In 2011 I am creating a new list of professional, personal and physical goals. However, I’ve been giving them a lot of thought as there have been several opportunities lurking at my side profile. These last few weeks I’ve been thinking about living and working internationally, growing Fitness without Borders, investing in another home and expanding our family. Sounds crazy I know. As I enter into my thirties, I am meticulously attempting to plan a timeline of goals for this decade. In my head I question, Do I want this first or that? Can this wait, or will I miss out on this…

Ten years ago, I fondly remember the many hopes and dreams I aspired to achieve in my twenties. It was definitely a great point in my life when I not only laid my life foundation, but I also found my passion and chose with courage to follow that passion. I will always look back and remember working then achieving working then achieving WORKING then ACHIEVING exactly in that order.

As I was training in the gym early this morning I was reading financial tips while performing cardio. It talked about the qualities one needs to possess in order to have financial security. Discipline, patience, sacrifice and a strong work ethic were just some of those traits. These were not surprising as they were all common qualities you needed to possess in any life ambition. All that I’ve achieved was dependent upon careful planning, consistent follow thru, unending patience, extreme focus and a resilient work ethic.  In my early fitness writings online I wrote often about the universal principles found in fitness and in life.

It seems many people think they can get something for doing nothing. They think they can create something without generating any work. The truth is that work precedes achievement. Whatever you invest your time in today will be cultivated tomorrow. So as I trained with intensity and focus at the gym this morning, I reminded myself exactly that….if you want to achieve an incredible physique, you need to work hard – harder than any woman (or man in this gym. As I continued to goal set I told myself, “Maria, if you want to own a beautiful home, have a successful company and build a bigger family then get ready to work. Get ready to strategize and get ready to fail – then get up, re-strategize and work again.” For work precedes achievement – Work WILL most always precede achievement.

Realizing the importance of investment in time and work ethic is why I’ve been thinking so heavily about my goals for 2011. I detest wasting my life doing anything that promotes a sedentary mind and stationary lifestyle. Life is to be lived a field in which you are a player, not just a bystander watching on the sidelines.

Have a safe, healthy and happy New Year everyone. God Bless.

Journal Pictures: December 28, 2010

Our staff Christmas party was awesome. We have over 25
employees – it was a wonderful celebration.

At “Sky High” for my niece’s birthday party. Last time I
was here
(for a field trip) I couldn’t jump around as I was
very pregnant. This time, I got a great workout!!

She is the first grandchild and the most precious little girl.
I love her!

My little princess. LOL

Christmas Eve with my familia! Me, my mom, my sister Angel
and Christine.

He’s at the stage where he loves opening presents.
He will be 2 in two weeks! I can’t believe how much time flies.

Our first Christmas as husband and wife.
My girlfriend gave us this ornament…awe! Check
out our wedding pictures here.

David bought me a spin bike for Christmas. I don’t
get insulted when I get fitness gifts. I love them!!!

In San Francisco on Monday visiting my friends Connie and Brian
who are in town for the Holidays. Check out my little guy. He’s got such a big head!

Connie and I met in China seven years ago!! She’s graduating
with her MBA next year. So proud of her.