Your character is your destiny

January 28, 2011

January 27, 2011

When I was in high school, I used to have quotes written on my binder for me to read and reflect upon whenever I felt lost, lonely or unmotivated. One of those quotes read, Your character is your destiny.  I didn’t understand the depth of those five words at the time, all I knew is that I didn’t know what I wanted I just knew that if I was a person of high character, that God would lead me to where I was destined to be.

That quote was a personal daily reminder to be disciplined in my homework, my household chores and my workout regime. It made me ignore high school politics and forgive hurtful peers. Most of all, it made me look internally to seek what my convictions were and build a passion to communicate, write and fight for those beliefs.

My character has made me who I am today.

As I marched in my fourth year at the Walk for Life in San Francisco last weekend, I felt empowered by the cause and renewed by my character. In my life, I’ve defended animals, peers and bullied children but none of those things matches the fight I feel when I know there are 1.3 million defenseless human beings dying each year.

Many women feel that it’s their right to choose whether they should bear a child. Many people make the point that incest and rape is good reason to abort a child. However, regardless of what you may feel about the subject, I’m sure we can all agree that most people who have abortions use it as a form of birth control. Some people use it to select the sex of their child. Maybe they were young, single, financially strapped or emotionally unprepared to raise a child while these are strong reasons why someone should not have child, for me, these are still not good enough reasons to destroy the child growing inside of you.

I cannot imagine a world where your own mother chooses to take life instead of give life. After all, we are the highest of protectors the most dignified of nurturers. Imagine watching the Discovery channel and watching a group of female animals having disturbing procedures each year to abort the baby inside of them.

What kind of animals have we become?

I don’t judge. I just feel. I don’t condemn. I just pray.

I’m imperfect and I’ve made a lot of decisions in my life that have scared me but have ultimately led me to the woman I am today. Having a child out of wedlock was not part of my perfect plan. I knew the journey would be hard, but I knew this was my chosen journey and that my character would be my destiny.

 I don’t believe in walking the fence or appeasing both sides of the table.  I believe in standing for something fighting for something.

Dying for something.

Discern your character and let it to define your life. It has defined me.

God Bless.

Journal Pictures: January 25 2011

At the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco

He loved watching the geese.

“trying” to get a good picture with my little Nicholas. He’s 9 months now!

He poured his orange juice in his cereal. He’s getting ready for the “Walk for Life”

This is my 4th time participating in this event

I am in love with this photo