Week 9 in Social Isolation…

May 4, 2020

On March 7th 2020, we received an email announcing our school district closure due to one student’s extended family member contracting covid-19.

My niece was hours away from her now-canceled junior prom and my son just finished his first and soon-to-be- last Lacrosse game of the season.

We went into fear mode. We were nervous about our elderly carehomes, our high-risk parents and our family. I haven’t seen Costco in months, I bought FB portals so our elderly residents can stay in touch with their families and I watched as friends got laid off or furloughed.

Just yesterday people were arrested for protesting stay-at-home orders…an order I’ve been following for over two months.

I feel for people at risk. But I also feel for those who need to work. I feel for healthcare workers treating #covid19 patients, but I also feel for the thousands of healthcare workers who are getting furloughed because the money and/or the patients, just isn’t there…

Lastly, I fear for our human rights… As a nation of free thinkers, for the most part we cannot think freely, speak freely or assemble freely without judgment or possibly jail.

So here are my final thoughts today on Week 9 of Quarantine.  We can’t control anything in life, we can only control our thoughts and therefore our actions, which will lead to our destiny.

Find opportunities. Help someone in need. Give an encouraging word. Post something positive.

One thing is for sure: some of us are going to come out of this quarantine fatter. Yes I said it. Instead of using this extra time to workout or move outdoors, they’re inside eating and watching Netflix.

Some of us will come out more fearful, because instead of doing something productive, they are watching and reading endless news that illicit anger, anxiety and division.

Then there will be those who took this time to change…who stopped internally to reflect on their world and #dodifferent

Maybe their children needed this extra time with them. Maybe your house needed extra care. Maybe you needed this extra time for you… Workout today. Eat well today. Create something today.

You are either consuming or creating. So stop consuming crap and start creating who you will become one year from now because of the actions you are instilling today.

Do different. Be different. See different.

We can and will make it through.

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