Top 6 ways to NOT lose your diet while going out!

October 27, 2006

All of us deal with the pressures of being with friends in an environment where we just want to be bbbaaadd! Below are top 6 ways I stay out of trouble. Maybe this will work for some of you.

1. Become the designated driver. This way, you have an excuse as to why you can’t drink. You also feel like a good samaritan for taking responsibility over the safety of friends.

2. Drink diet soda. I’ve done this many of times! You should see the reaction of men when they want to buy me a drink and it’s non-alcoholic! Maybe even ask the bartender to place in a glass usually used for alcoholic drinks so no one bugs you about what you’re drinking.

3. If you’re going to drink, ask for diet soda and another hard alcohol. (ex. is diet pepsi and vodka) At least you aren’t getting the additional calories and sugar from a real Cola?!

4. If you don’t like hard alcohol, sip on red wine. There are many benefits on red wine! I usually take one glass and sip on it the entire night.

5. Avoid ‘fu-fu’ drinks where they add a lot of sugar: ex. margarita, cosmo..they are loaded with calories. If you’re going to drink alcohol, learn to like drinks that are more clean.

6. Drink Water and Dance more! That’s an easy one. If you’re dancing you are burning calories and you don’t have hands to carry a drink! If you are occupied in an activity such as dancing or conversating, you don’t need a drink to validate your presence when your out.

Check out the calories inside your favorite alcoholic drinks.

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