Top 6 Ways to make a healthy Valentine’s Day!

February 14, 2008

Happpppyyyy Vallleeennntttinnneess day everyone! Yes! It’s that commercial time of the year: where red hearts, roses and chocolates are invading your offices, classrooms, even gyms!!!!

What is a fit person to do?

WELL – if you are single, you have nothing to worry about! SEE! There are benefits to being single 🙂

But! If you’ve got plans to have a fancy dinner, with tons of wine, chocolate and dessert…then you may be breaking the numero uno rule in dieting, which is: DON’T BREAK IT! 🙂 LOL!

Here are my tips to make Valentine’s Day as clean as possible.

1. Have a vision today. What is your vision? Do you imagine seeing Valentine’s cookies in the office and consuming them? Do you see giving in to chocolate and wine for dinner? Remember, that you must mentally plan for what will happen and then allow it to manifest in your proceeding actions. First, know exactly what the battle will entail and imagine beating it.

2. WORK OUT. Don’t skimp on your workout today. Maybe you won’t have time to take your evening step aerobics class because you’re heading out to dinner…so what do you do? You workout before then. You workout after – whatever you do, EXERCISE today. Having that one routine will help keep you focused on your healthy intentions today.

3. If you do eat Chocolate, go Dark. I mean DARK COCOA – the bitter Dark Chocolate that you once hated to eat as a child but can kinda stand as an adult (I am one of those people and am writing from my own experience.) Dark chocolate really isn’t that bad for you, especially in moderation…it can have great health benefits.

4. Ask your hunny to not buy you chocolate. You are darn right I told David not to buy me chocolate for Valentines – there are other ways of showing your love and gratitude. Like in the form of a chocolate protein shake or a great pair of sneakers for Valentine’s, right?!! 🙂 Tell the people you love your healthy intentions and have them work with you on keeping them today.

5. Eat small meals during the day so you can eat a little more at dinner. I actually prescribe to this philosophy during weekends often as I always have slightly larger meals with family/friends in the evening. As long as I am within my caloric intake I am in the clear! That’s my deal! So cut back until dinner tonight – that will help you not be too much of a food nazi at your Valentine’s Dinner.

6. Do the obvious: don’t keep the bread basket at the table…eat fruit for dessert…only have one glass of red wine (if you are going to drink)…don’t go to dinner hungry…order a lean protein and complex carb…AND focus on the day and the loving moment versus the food on the table. WE have a tendency to focus more on food than the occasion, so focus on what’s really important this day: LOVE!!!!

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By: Maria Kang

“Fate determines who comes into our lives. Our Attitudes and Actions determines who stays in our lives.” – Javan

I realize that if I had applied some basic lessons that my love for fitness taught me in my relationships, maybe some would have lasted, some would have never begun and some would have been finished a lot faster.

Valentines Day is a great holiday to celebrate your appreciation and affection for the people you love in your life. For some of us hard core fitness enthusiasts, it might just be another day in America where we can pig out on chocolate and wine. For others, it might be a lonely night at the gym. Whatever the case may be, the successes you create in your personal relationships with those you love in your life can be strengthened if you begin to parallel it with the love you maintain for fitness.

Like past articles, I love finding life principles that you can apply anywhere in your life and be successful. Love in a relationship is no different from your love for fitness. If you are able to understand the similarities, maybe you will be able to become more patient, loving, understanding and attentive to the people you love. Read the rest here.

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