Top 6 Ways to Kickstart a Successful Diet.

September 29, 2006

So you’ve got your action plan, you’ve got your 3 month goals, you’ve got your cupboard filled with diet friendly foods…so what else do you need, Right?

You need a Reality Check.  This is not going to be easy, and your plan is only as good as when you created it. A lot of people start off with the best intentions – but not everyone succeeds. This is my down to earth, top 6 Ways to get you started. I guarantee that if you follow all 6 after you create your goals and action plan, you will be destined to succeed.
So let’s get REAL and put some “KICK” in the Start of a new Program.

1. TELL everyone you know. Some people like to keep their program a ‘secret’ until they succeed: but unless you have continuous internal discipline, you’ve got to get yourself accountable! Tell everyone you know that you are now in success mode and on a mission to change your physical form in the next few months.  Their job is to snicker when you don’t succeed, hold you accountable when you fail to plan, and support you when you get off focus.

2. SET a big, fat, audacious, reward that will be given to you on the exact day you end your program.  Your reward could be in the form of a nice vacation on the beach or a very expensive technological device that you would never spend on yourself right now. Set a reward that will be deserving for you hard work! This will not only make you excited to reach your goal, but it will also create  increased accountability to achieve it.

3. GET started with a Personal Trainer or Boot Camp class that will get you physically challenged for the next 3 months. When you are sore, tired and experiencing pain beyond your normal circumstances: you will learn to appreciate not eating a dozen donuts when you spent the last hour trying to burn just 2 donuts.

4. TAKE a picture.  Take a picture of yourself next to nothing and post on your refrigerator or in your daily planner. Your results are measured in weight, body fat percentage and strength…but nothing tells the story like a nice picture of all that flab before you took off on this journey. This ‘before’ photo is there to motivate you…and that image will remain in your brain when you want to cheat, not work out or stay disciplined and focused on a goal you personally set.

5. JOIN a support Group. This could be in the form of a fitness weblog site or a local community group – all you need are people who are just like you! Your Environment is key to creating a successful outcome. If you’ve got friends who are pessimistic, who don’t take care of their health and don’t support you then watch out! I guarantee you that they will either make or break your program.

6. CLEAN UP. You might be asking yourself why I mention this since this has little to do with your program right? Well to me, how you handle any situation in life mirrors how you will handle this ‘situation’ of building a better you.  Start taking control on your environment. Keep a clean and structured household.  Have a routine that will support a pace you want to live: which is a “I have a mess so let’s take action. Let’s plan a routine and prepare for future mess up’s by preventing sh*t that led you here in the first place to never set in again.” Enough said.

Good Luck.

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