Top 6 Ways I Motivate myself when I train at the GYM

January 5, 2007

Life is built off of routine – and ‘performance’ is like a ‘religious’ action that we not only perform unconsciously but also intentionallly every day. As we step into the gym, there are a series of things we do that prepare us for execution and assist us in success.
In this list I will use a lot of war verbage not only because it’s fun, but because it resonates with many since getting in shape will be tough and can be perceived as a


Here are my personal top 6 things I do that prep me up for a killer workout.

1. I listen to high energy music. In the car I start playing my music loud and get pumped up by the tone and messaging. My energy starts to resonate with the fast and upbeat songs, thus preparing me for a highly energetic workout.

2. I gather my war gear. As I leave the car, I grab my water bottle, my baseball hat, my workout towel and some reading material. When I have all the basic tools I need to keep me minimally satisfied throughout the next 1.5 hours, I know I am prepared. For others it’s an ipod, workout gloves, heart rate monitor, fitness magazine, etc. Find what weapons you need for war and get ready for the fitness battle.

3. I always warm up. Warming up gets the blood circulating, the heart rate accelerated and your muscles revved for movement. Usually it takes anywhere from 5-10 minutes. Even when I am running late, I NEVER miss a warm up on a bike or treadmill. During this period I check out the war zone, and observe who is in the room and what equipment is being used.

4. I envision my workout before I begin training. Stating your intention and having a plan is key to success. First envision what you will do, then do it. I usually plan my workout as I warm up or resting for 45 seconds during breaks.

5. Inbetween sets I stretch the muscle I just trained. Some people are against stretching when training because they feel it causes injury, but I am for it. During this period I connect my mind with the muscle being trained and start imagining it lengthen shorten during the exercise movement.

6. I watch my form and physique in the mirror. Some people don’t like mirrors, but I feel its good to examine your personal fitness level and identify the curves, shape and strengths of your body. It’s important to know where you are physically in order to know where you want to take your body progressively. So look at yourself and watch it change.

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  • Reply MBA Data Guru February 18, 2014 at 7:48 pm

    I like the tip to play loud fast beat music in the car. I will need to make a heading to the gym playlist on my iPod.

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