Top 6 Tips when writing in a Finess Journal

November 19, 2007

I am a huge fan of journaling – huge fan of documenting – and a huge fan of putting everything out like an excel sheet to see what I did right, what I did wrong and what ultimately spurred me to success.

When you have a fitness journal it can be very instrumental for you –

You can utilize it to document your thoughts, your diet, your workouts, your goals, your measurements…

for me, I do ALL of those things.

Some of the tips I have for you ‘journal newbies’ is:

1. Get a small journal that you can carry around in your purse

2. Write down your weekly goals each week and BE SPECIFIC

3. Write down the time you ate and your portion size

4. Document your progress by writing down your measurements (and take them every month)

5. Write your workouts (they don’t have to be too specific)

6. Document your feelings (such as being stressed, having your period, etc) this will help you understand your mood swings and how you react to them.

If you don’t have one – GET ONE! And start writing NOW!!!! This is great documentation not just for now, but especially for your future –

Your body means business. So get specific about your goals, get anal about your progress and get focused on your documentation!!

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