Top 6 Reasons why a Dog is your BEST Training Partner!!

February 16, 2007

I just came back from a night run with my dog, Tiger. IT was super fun because he is a fast, young sprinter who loves, loves, loves walks!!! I performed a series of sprints, jogs and walks for about 30 minutes. Here is my top 6 reasons why dogs like Tiger is the best training partner in the world!

1. Dogs will NEVER say No to a walk/jog.
Dogs don’t cancel on appointments, they don’t get their period or have bad days. Dogs always have a huge smile on their faces and are ready for a long, calorie burning jog/walk with you anytime!

2. Dogs don’t SLOW you down.
Dogs don’t complain about moving too fast or spend hours getting ready for a good sweat session. The only time when they MIGHT give you problems is when they are going number 2 and you have to wait for them to finish for a maximum of maybe 2 mintues!

3. Dogs don’t COMPLAIN.
Dogs don’t get mad if you are late, early, tired, sick or angry. They don’t hold it against you if you didn’t sleep enough the night before, are not running as fast as you did last week and haven’t progressed physically towards your fit goals. Dogs love you just as you are! 🙂

4. Dogs don’t REMEMBER if you cancelled a walk appointment with them.
So you’re tired and lazy…maybe you came home really late – but dogs don’t know that! They didn’t know your intention was to take them to the park! They won’t make you feel bad for not making your ‘promise’ and will lick and kiss you anyways!!

5. Dogs can COMPETE with you to sprint fast!
Sprinting fast to the finish line (your home or the park) is a fun game especially if you have a dog who is really fast! This really helps speed up your metabolism, work on those Type 2 muscle fibers and wake your body up! This is a great HITT run program.

6. Dogs ATTRACT people with other dogs who also use them as running partners!
While it’s annoying when your dog goes crazy when he/she see’s another dog, at least you get a cool hello and smile from the person who is also struggling with their training partner. Eventually, “likes will attract likes” and you get to know those who are just like you: A person who loves dogs and can only persuade them to workout with them too!

Allow me to introduce the best training partner in the world!!
DO NOT be fooled by his cuteness…he’s a handful!


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