Top 6 Fitness Things to do on a weekend.

March 16, 2007

As we approach another weekend with a blank canvas of all the wonderful and active things we could do, I suggest my top 6!

1. Go out dancing! I love, love, love dancing! Not only is it super fun to hang out with your friends, but it also allows you to burn calories in a fun, sensual way!

2. Go Trekking – I met a man in Thailand who loves to trek…what is it exactly? It’s walking! It’s exploring! It’s exercise! So go ‘trek’ at the mall, around your block, in the city or up a mountain. Trek! It’s an awesome habit!

3. Take your pets out on a long walk – Be Kind to your pets and surprise them for all the times you promised to take them out but didn’t! Just start walking and getting ‘in the zone’ with them! During the week it is usually hard to walk them for long periods so make up for that time now!

4. Participate in a fitness charity event – These events are always fun because you’re with fitness and charity conscious people and are able to exercise all at the same time. For a listing of all your local event happenings go to

5. Play with the kids – Pick up a football, play tag at the park, show them how to jump rope, get active!! Play with your kids…not only will they love the extra quality time, but they are off their butts and doing something fun.

6. Do something you USED to do as a kid – Get on a bike, sled down a mountain, put on your roller blades/roller skates, kick a ball around or play some basketball. Do something you USED TO LOVE TO DO!! It will not only get your mind back to where fitness was fun, but it will also bring out the kid in YOU! And that is always fun!!

Have a great St. Patrick’s day weekend y’all!!

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