For Thy Will Be Done…

January 31, 2019

Yesterday I had a bad day.

It was one of those days when you go to pick up a fancy dress you bought months in advance for this weekend and the store where you got it hemmed says CLOSED until Feb 16th.

I know. Hard to relate to – but you can understand the shock, annoyance, and anxiety, especially after running around for the past several days up-to-my-neck busy.

I finally let out a cry. A really good one I might add. It wasn’t the dress, it wasn’t the workload…it was feeling exhausted. It was thinking of everyone’s itineraries and what everyone needs – all the time and above my own. It was pushing the snooze button multiple times, missing workouts and not eating enough.

I told myself I wouldn’t get to this point anymore and 30 days into 2019, I was here, sitting in my car, about to melt down.
It’s incredible the strength you build over the years of not sleeping enough, working too much and being mother earth to children that literally feed off you. This sh*t ain’t easy.

At that moment I surrendered. I let go of the things I couldn’t change. I couldn’t break down the store doors. I couldn’t rewind back to the moment when I dropped the clothes and seriously noted to pick up on Monday.

I Let Go and Let God.

I researched my options. I went to the nearest dress store. I ate my losses. But I’m moving on from this mess.
As I stare at this old picture taken in 2010 I am in awe of the woman working on an old used desk, in a busy office filled with paperwork while holding those two tiny boys. I was running school fitness programs, hosting my local NEM group and opening our first elderly care home. She is strong. She is resilient. She is faithful. She is Loved.

She can do it. She has done it.

Wherever you are in this world. Whatever frustrates, irritates, stresses and annoys you. Let Go. Believe you are powerful.
You can do it. You HAVE done it. Let Go and Let God…

…For Thy Will Be Done.

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