Review: Koss Fit Buds

May 30, 2013

All I wanted for Christmas was earphones to wear while running. After buying skull candy earphones and the bluetooth headphones, I was discouraged by brands that either slipped out of my ear or irritated them because of the size and shape. So my husband bought me the ironman Yurbuds earphones for Christmas. It was a bit weird placing them in my ear and while it felt like it was snug enough to stay in my ear, alas, I became frustrated by the size and ‘hardness’ of the ear piece. Since I only began listening to music recently while performing cardio, it’s been a journey trying to figure out what earphones work best for my ear.

If you are like me, then you will appreciate this review. I am in LOVE with the new Koss Fit Buds. There are several things I like about them: shape, length of wire, color, etc…but the biggest thing I like is that it doesn’t irritate my ear! It has small earbuds that are flexible and can fit nicely in my ear without feeling like it’s jammed inside. When I run, it NEVER falls out. I don’t even get a slight irritating feeling that it will.It’s light, comfortable and cushioned. Not only is it a female-focused headphone line, but it was co-designed by five-time Olympian, Dara Torres!

So – after several trials, I think I found my perfect pair.You can purchase the Koss Fit Buds for $29.99 HERE. I personally REALLY like the fitclips (the one that goes over your ear), which you can get HERE.

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