Our Life Bucket List.

February 10, 2012

February 9, 2012

A few years ago David whimsically declared that he would take me to Paris one day for Valentine’s Day. Naturally I balked and concluded that it would happen ‘one day’ probably in our fifties. At that time we didn’t own a house. I didn’t have a steady income. Our family was beginning to expand and our savings were very minimal.

So I decided to include that in our “Life Bucket List” which we wrote together for our wedding day.

Also included in our bucket list is to go deep sea fishing and train for a triathlon together. Who knows if we will complete everything (especially the one about having a daughter) but at least we have goals that keep us aligned towards a parallel future.

Right now it’s not too hard to stay aligned with three kids roaming and ruling our daily lives. It’s a miracle I’m even typing for an extended period considering I have a long ‘to do’ list once the baby is asleep and before I finally get to bed by 1am. Now that the baby is seven weeks old, we almost have our ‘new’ routine down. I’m in charge of nursing and he’s in charge of changing diapers and burping. I’m in charge of the evening clean up and he’s in charge of bathing the boys and putting them to bed. I’m starting to consistently workout again and so is he.

It feels like as soon as we adapt, things continue to change – how could it not with curious, young boys? They are exploring, laughing, and playing all day. Their memory is getting stronger and their intelligence is growing fast. Last Friday they excitedly screamed, “There’s Mommy!” while I made an appearance on our local morning news show, News 10 @ 9. When I appeared on Sacramento & Co. last year only Christian was cognitively aware – but now both boys laugh and proudly shout.

As they grow, learn and observe I want them to continue to see us unite as partners to conquer daily routines. I want them to mirror our professional desires and independent passions. I want them to witness mom on TV, dad working out and feel the aspiration to emulate that…

I want to be incredible role models for our children…not just as mom and dad….but as  husband and wife…as a daughter and a son…as a Christian, an American citizen, a student of life….

Most of all, I want to represent how two single individuals can unite and become ‘one’ because they have a joint purpose to grow in their goals together.

Baby Gabriel and his little feet

Walk For Life in San Francisco - this was on January 21

Me and my little dude.


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    Love this esp the part about being good role models for your kids in all aspects of life. Good for you both and I hope your family continues to thrive 🙂

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