My Valentine’s wish….

February 13, 2020

Dear Husband,⁣

Valentine’s Day is here💌. Before you run out – or not – to express your love for me on this single day, here are my thoughts…⁣

If you get me nothing I’m not mad, if you get me something I won’t reject it – but if you don’t ever get me anything, then we have a problem…⁣

Keep in mind on any given day, you can get me… phone when I leave it in the other room, my vitamins in the morning, my feminine supplies at the store or even flowers on Valentines! As long as you get me. ⁣

Sometimes you will get that I need help with laundry when it builds up, extra sleep on a Saturday or quality time just to chat and connect after a long day. You will get I need space when I’m premenstrual or patience when I’m premenopausal (poor guys!) As we move through life stages, I hope you will always try to GET ME.⁣

Get me with your attention in my presence, get me with your love for our children, get me with your respect for my parents, get me….⁣

I don’t need more chocolates, wine or gifts – just so I can post it on social media. I just need you to get me, every day, most of the time, for the rest of our lives together.⁣

And in return, I will try to get you too. Not just on a Hallmark holiday, but each and every day we choose this path together. ⁣

Sweetheart, you can get me nothing and everything for Valentine’s Day. #Iloveyou

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