My BUTT workout.

May 11, 2012

I used to have a nice butt. But ever since having kids, I feel like it’s become weaker – along with my lower back and core regions. So, for the last couple years (that I haven’t been pregnant of course) I’ve been focusing on my backside. Sometimes I will perform walking lunges for 45 minutes straight without stopping. Sometimes I will run bleachers. Often I perform the workout below. This workout really targets my backside. I usually perform my butt workout on Monday or Tuesday to start off my week. I try to do it twice a week if I can. Usually the second butt workout it slightly different though.

This is my butt workout:

I perform 4 sets of each exercise and wait 30-45 seconds between sets.

Deadlifts – 15-25 reps depending on weight. (for me I train anywhere between 25-35lbs and sometimes 45lbs on each side but I can only do 10-12 reps)

Side step ups (I usually use a bench when performing this. I start with my right leg on the bench and I push my body up while raising my left leg to the side. I repeat for 10-15 reps and then switch)

Single legged squat (This is tough – and I don’t recommend that people do this unless they are strong enough. When I am more flexible and stronger I can usually sit deeper – but for right now, I sqaut maybe 3 inches. It really hits your bum though!!!)

One legged lunge
(my back leg is usually elevated by either a stability ball or a bench. This exercise really targets your butt, especially when you concentrate on pushing through with your heel)

Cable kickbacks (I perform this standing up. I keep my leg as straight as possible and I ‘kick back’ without bending my knee)

Hip Abductor Machine
(I like to do this last, just to get any strength in my butt left over)

And to finish the workout, I usually  perform the Stairmaster or Stairclimber for cardio. I focus on pushing through with my heels and challenging my heart by keeping it consistently anywhere between 140-180 beats per minute.

My goal is to get it rounder, a little bigger and tighter by summer!!!


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