moon hunting.

June 13, 2006

June 12, 2006

So yesterday evening I went on a moon hunt.

For those of you who don’t know about San Francisco Summers – it’s absolutely nothing to get excited about. This weekend was
cloudy, grey and cold.  All last week I suffered from a drawn out head cold.

And so I was invited by my friend, Minji Wong, to attend a moon hike with some friends in Marin County. But due
to my sickness and the lack of time I had on Sunday, I couldn’t make it.  So after dinner with Louis and my closest
friend in San Francisco, Brian Woo, we drove to the tallest hill in San Francisco and still couldn’t see the moon.

Apparently, the moon was supposed to be the lowest it will be in its 18.6 year cycle – the year 2024 will be the next ‘southernmost moon’. While I am not an astrologist, the one thing I always do right after I park my car on a dark evening is look straight up in the sky to see the stars and hopefully, Jupiter! The universe has always fascinated me, and viewing the wonders of our night sky never ceases to overtake the curious girl inside of me.

The other day I felt impelled to get outside and go walking on Ocean Beach – it was one of those days when I was pensive, sick of being sick and in need of some natural healingI noticed that a lot of fisherman were out and that the tides were unusually close
to the shore.

Early Sunday morning, before Louis awoke, I began creating a scrap book with the green stones and shells I found
on the beach that day. I started ‘pulling together’ remnants of my past by creating a book that symbolized an important part of
my life this last year.  In addition to my book, I also started painting after I spotted a ceramic kit from a garage sale we found
after breakfast. I’ve been reading new books, re-reading old diary entries (I’ve had one since I was 11) and documenting my thoughts
and feelings often these last few weeks.

Like the full moon that represents completeness and wholeness – I was coming ‘full circle’ last week.
In past journal entries, I’ve noted how ‘uncreative I’ve been and how writing felt like pulling teeth! But now I’m starting to ‘release’ once again.  My patterns are starting to shift and my energy is starting to change. This change is symbolized in the fullness of the moon yesterday.

Sometimes we become so wrapped up in life: in technology, in television, movies, work, etc. that we lose connection with the natural world around us.  We forget that we are entity living in a house that creates ‘energy’ that will and does influence us.

If the moon can affect the tides of the ocean – the moon can affect the tides within us. For our body composition is the same composition of this earth. We are all made up of approx. 75-85% water, and therefore, will become influenced by changes in our solar system.

It is so important to align your life and your decisions with the changing courses of the universe. While I like to pretend I am always ‘in control’, the fact is, is that I’m not. There is something greater ‘controlling’ the physical world and influencing my internal world.

This past week not only did I step outside and ‘feel the need’ to smell the ocean and collect earthly objects to keep in my home,
but I also felt the need to reflect and recover from old wounds and past mistakes. Yesterday, as representative in the wholeness
of the moon, I have begun to unravel again and set the waves into action in my life.

It is so important to remember and recall these moments of mundane circumstance in order to manipulate and discipline yourself to sow your ambitious seeds when the season is ready to reap, to exhibit faith and patience
when the season is preparing to unravel the earth, and to sprout as much as you can when the season is ready for growth. Right now, I’m ready to grow.