Mommy Fitness: Slowly but surely

February 12, 2012

My son is 8 weeks tomorrow. I have been training consistently around 3-4 times a week for the past two weeks. I feel pretty good…sore but good. The entire time while I was pregnant I was anxious to have a ‘kick butt’ workout; the kind where you run until you swallow your lungs. I haven’t started running yet but I have done some plyometrics and other exercise moves that make me incredibly sore the next day. In fact, I definitely feel my cardio can improve. I still take my standard kickboxing and dance classes, but I know I should be on a stepmill or treadmill to really kickstart more weight loss.

Since I last wrote I lost a few pounds. My goal was to be in the 130’s by the end of this month and I’m on track to reach that. I only lose around .5-1 pound per week so it is definitely a ssslllloooowww process!! My starting weight before I became pregnant was 125. (I am 5’4 by the way)  I am 142 right now. My goal is to be 123-125 by June. Pretty realistic I think.

I’m enjoying getting back on routine but I need to work on a few things still:

1) I don’t really enjoy eating a lot of foods. On a typical day I eat a protein shake and cereal/oatmeal for breakfast. I have egg whites with avocado and slice of wheat toast for lunch. I will snack on maybe nuts or veggie straws. By the time dinner rolls around I am completely bored with food..mainly because I don’t like most types of protein. I could drink protein shakes and eat egg whites all day – rather than eat fish, chicken or turkey. So my goal is to find more diversity in my meals!

2) I need to work on my core on a daily basis. My torso is very long so it doesn’t hold fat there usually – but I want to become lean again AND stronger of course. I am blessed in that most pregnant ladies still look a little pregnant after giving birth because their uterus hasn’t gone down or because they naturally carry weight in their midsection. I get pretty flat fairly quickly, but I need to work on toning and strengthening. So my goal is to work on my core after/during each workout.

3) Sleep more – now this is a difficult task, especially with having a newborn and two little boys! But I know that I can definitely try to sleep earlier than 1-2am each night..and I need to start training myself on that. My preferred sleep time is 11pm.

4) Stretch.

5) Perform more cardio and start incorporating running.

SO those are my fitness reflections. Based on my last experiences losing weight after baby I’m right on track – but even though I lost weight fast before doesn’t mean that it’s an automatic weight loss this time. Every time is different so it’s important that I continue to strive for excellence and evaluate my progress or lack of each week.

I haven’t taken any recent body pictures but below is a really funny one of my eldest son walking on my back because of soreness! (YES I’m teaching them early to walk on my back!)

hahaha - I kept saying, "walk on mommy's back! higher, higher..."

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