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May 4, 2012

My goal is to wake up early morning and train. However, that hasn’t happened. Here’s why:

1) I sleep late. I sleep late because the boys go to bed at 8:30pm. That means I finally have time to myself – of course, that’s after I’m done cleaning, doing the dishes and laundry. “Me” time also comes after working, sending emails and paying bills. When I finally get to ‘me’ time I read a book, write in my diary, browse Facebook or watch whatever is on Bravo or Food Channel.

2) I wake up throughout the night. I have a four-month-baby after all.. I’m not one of those moms who have high expectations about their baby sleeping through the night. While annoying, I know it will soon pass – maybe when he starts eating solids he will be more satiated and sleep longer.

3) I love my bed. I’ve always loved my bed. I could have all my meals in my bed, work in my bed and perform all my phone calls on my bed. Of course, I don’t stay in it very long besides the once-in-a-while midday nap with the boys. It’s a big California King size bed. It’s high enough where I need stairs to get on. It’s all white. It has a ton of pillows. And it makes it incredibly hard to leave in the morning!

4) I love waking up with my boys. For me, the most ideal time to train is 5am. That way, I’m home in time to smell my baby’s first yawn. Or be in bed to be in the correct position so my middle son can find me. Each morning, I spend twenty minutes with each of them: kissing them, saying good morning, and hugging them. I love being affectionate with them. So, if I wake up late, say 6am, I feel bad because I may not make it home in time to be with them in their first moments awake.

5) Lastly, even though I’m tired, sleep-deprived and in love with my bed and boys….I’m a big excuse-maker. That’s what it really comes down to, isn’t it?

If I REALLY, REALLY, wanted to workout at 5am, I would make it a point to be in bed before 10pm. Sure, it’s tough when I’ve got so many things to do before bedtime, but if I coordinated with my husband better – and maybe utilized my time somewhere throughout the day, then maybe I would have more time!

Like right now. It’s nearly midnight. You don’t even want to know what I’ve got going on. I have been trying to coordinate my times this entire evening to no avail. It’s tough trying to schedule your life when you have to coordinate when the stores open. Like today, I was practically knocking on the nail place at 8am.

So getting back to tomorrow…my goal is to workout, go to Kinkos, my mom’s house, Target, Wells Fargo and my Carehome all before 9:30am. Because at 10am I am scheduled to be AT a high school for a Health Faire. And of course I’m bringing all three kids – because even though I haven’t packed yet, we are all leaving for the Bay area all weekend long. In fact, we will be heading there directly after the Health Fair.  I should be asleep. But I have to finish several things before I do! Including this blog post that I’ve been breaking from all week long.

This week I’m going to end up training 5 days. Pretty good. I’ve lost one pound. Pretty good. (That’s my normal. Darn you people who can lose more than that!) And I’m eating FAIRLY well – except for when I cooked for a family at my church. (I am part of the Elizabeth Ministry, where they prepare meals for families with new babies) and I made them my awesome chicken parmesean but also my first try on Dessert Pizza. The dessert was to die for! So delicious. I didn’t eat too much of it, but it was most definitely NOT on my diet.  You can find the recipe here. And yes – this is The Pioneer woman’s website. I like her writing style. Probably because she has a lot of pictures. I would post more pictures but it takes so much time.

What I’m proud of this week:

1) My core is stronger because I’m training it longer!

2) I run more often for cardio exercise

3) I’ve been consistent about writing my diet down 85% of the time.

My goal this next week is:
1) Start waking up earlier!

2) Take my supplements more regularly

3) Drink more water

I posted this on my Facebook page recently. It's a stack of DVD's in need of reviewing! This is an example of how I have NO excuse why I can't workout!!!!


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