Mommy Fitness: New Goals.

April 9, 2012

I haven’t posted about my fitness in a while mainly because I’ve been so busy AND there really doesn’t seem like a lot to post about. I am six pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight of 125. Interesting because it took me nearly six months to get to this weight after my second pregnancy. I reached 131 in just three months! Crazy.

What am I doing differently?

Well, I definitely think my body is becoming a ‘baby making machine’. It’s starting to make sense why fitness models who have 7 kids like Francisca Dennis (yes you read 7!!!) look so good. Maybe they get better after each child? That certainly seems like the case for me.

So while I am losing weight, I am definitely not where I would like to look. I am still soft in places, my muscles are not as defined and I am definitely weaker than I was before. Performing ten push ups is a hard thing for me to do!

So I realized that my biggest issues right now is my CORE.

I can’t perform a lot of pushups not because I have weak chest and shoulder muscles…but because I can already feel my core give out before anything else.

Since I’ve been pregnant for nearly three years straight, I’m definitely seeing the down side in my inability to be as strong as I once was because my midsection gives out before the rest of my body does.

For those of you who do not understand what your ‘core’ is – let me enlighten you…

Your core is considered your ab and back muscles. Imagine you are a tree and your core is your trunk. This is where all your power and strength originates from. You are NEVER performing an exercise without engaging your core. Imagine putting extra apples on your branches…the strength of the branches weight from the apples is dependent on the trunk of the tree the most.

With that said – I need to work on my core.

I also need to consistently workout. My gym started imposing a limit to group exercise attendants – so since I am usually on time or late, I can rarely take a class now. Some of my favorite classes (kickboxing) have moved to a 7pm timeslot, which is really late for me.

My best workouts are in the morning.

So I need to start waking up early.

I also need  to get motivated.

Despite having lost an incredible amount of weight after birth, I didn’t do it out of motivation persay. I actually did it without trying very hard.

To me, very hard means I’m running.

It also means I’m eating less carbohydrates in general.

I also think I am probably being too hard on myself since the definition of strict is completely different in my book compared to other of course.

My goals this week is:

1) Workout 5-6 times

2) Sleep at 10, wake at 6

3) Drink lots of water

4) Train core 4 times this week for a minimum of fifteen minutes each

5) Run 5 miles total within the week

6) Run outside once (I usually hate running outside)

7) Eat more frequently

At Huntington Beach with my 3 1/2 month old baby, Gabriel.


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