Mommy Fitness: Food in Paris

March 6, 2012

Here are some pictures of the foods we ate in Paris. Of course, this isn’t EVERYTHING we ate as I didn’t want people to look at us weird every time we took pictures of food. Overall, I ate fairly well. I splurged on chocolate and wine. I’m not a big ‘food’ person as I am a dessert person. Every morning we had a breakfast buffet at the hotel. Then while we were sightseeing we would have a nice lunch. Come dinner time we would fall asleep and not want to go out again for dinner. On these occasions we usually ordered in or ate trail mix and fruit.

I don't know what this was. My husband ordered it.

Typical Breakfast

I love the WHEAT option.

We actually ordered in on Valentine's day. It was ceasar salad, some type of dish with scallops (my favorite seafood) and creme brulee (my husbands favorite)

This is his meal. I don't eat steak.

Pizza with chicken

French onion soup

Salmon - this was my meal.



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