Mommy Fitness: Exercising until I pop.

December 14, 2011

Tonight I attended a kickboxing class. Tomorrow I’m scheduled for a dance class. It’s hilarious to watch me and my pregnant belly kicking, punching and working out to loud music! I’m going to miss my cute belly though –  because in about a week, this baby will be out of my tummy and into this world.  I will also miss exercise because I literally don’t work out for six weeks after giving birth. Funny how active I am considering I was SO inactive at the beginning of my pregnancy.

How do I feel?

– Heavy

– Uncomfortable

– a little swollen…not really.

– Tired (mostly because of my boys)

– Sick (because my youngest is sick with the fever)

– Anxious.

My goal this week is to stay active but not do anything that causes me to get sore. I just want to workout so I can get this energy out of me and possibly induce labor. My schedule this week is a little busy still. I had a party yesterday – another party for my employees tomorrow – another party on Friday and Saturday. So  we will see…I really would like to go on a nice long walk with my parent’s dog also before I give birth.

My husband made his family’s infamous ‘sticky buns’ so I’ve been splurging on that and other sweets these past few days. I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow so I will see how much my diet has effected my weight. So far I’ve gained around 35-pounds. This is a normal weight gain for me.

What keeps me motivated to continue training?


This revelation goes back to why good habits truly make you – that what you constantly do makes you. I don’t do things because I want to, I usually do them because I’m used to doing them!

So start making exercise a habit and it will become second nature to you…even if you are 39 weeks pregnant!!!

Taken after my kickboxing class today!


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