Mommy Fitness: Consistency

May 11, 2012

I have trained every morning this week. Believe me, it was tough. This morning, I absolutely didn’t want to. Especially when I checked the scale and it had NOT moved! I try (as usual) not to get swayed by the scale. I know what I sow today, I will reap tomorrow. If I am disappointed with results I ask myself: Has my diet been up to par? Have I been training intensely? Have I become to comfortable in my workouts?

Usually the answer is “so so” to all the above.

Sure I train hard. Sure I eat clean. BUT, I always know I can do BETTER! So, as I drove to the gym today, I asked myself…where can I improve?

– I can run more. More intensely!

– I can eat cleaner at night.

– I can start pre-packaging my meals.

– I can have less free days. (I usually have just one, but last week, I was lax for three days!)

Even if the scale didn’t move – I knew that I was getting tighter. I can feel it. My husband sees it. The people at the gym tell me. And my clothes don’t lie.

So that’s another thing to always consider – all the other variables that measure success!!

As I trained in the gym this morning (today was back day) – I decided to run on the treadmill. I was at a great pace of 6.0 the entire time. But, after twenty minutes I decided to rev up my workout with some sprints. So I ran at a 7.5 pace for a minute, then walked fast at a 3.5 pace, then did it again – for like ten minutes. Not only did my interval training make the last ten minutes go fast, but it was incredibly hard. When I finally took my fast walking break I can nearly feel myself want to throw up all the water I had drank during the workout. (I don’t usually eat before I train…I know…not the regular thing to do!) When I felt my fatigue, in my head I thought, “This is exactly what I need” and as I type – it’s 9pm, I can still feel that workout. It was GREAT to get passed a level of comfort….to challenge myself physically…to almost want to throw up! I needed that!

For a day that I felt no motivation to workout – I ended my morning workout with a bang.

As for the meals – hmmmm….I give myself an 8/10 today. I made rice krispy treats for my mom-me group today and I ate some of the remnants that landed in my hand while making them…so that was a small cheat. Other than that, I did very well.

This is my workout for the week:

Sunday: Rest
Monday: RUN
Tuesday: Core and Butt/Stairmaster
Wednesday: Chest and Core/Stairclimber
Thursday: Back/Run
Friday: Core and Shoulders/Stairmaster
Saturday: Arms and Butt/RUN

I named this blog “Consistency” because that word is THE most important word (Discipline is a close second) when it comes to trying to attain your fitness goals. Even though your unmotivated, workout. Even if the scale hasn’t moved, eat clean. Even if you missed two days of working out, make sure you train the next five days! It’s all about consistency – because in the end, in the long haul, it’s how consistent you are!!!!

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Taken after my workout on Tuesday.

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