Mommy Fitness Blog: I’m injured :-(

August 24, 2009

All last week I was recovering from my shoulder injury. It was terrible! Even when I stood or sat, I can feel the weight of my upper body place too much pressure on my shoulder blade and it HURT! When I ran just a little, it would start to irritate me. When I walked, I would feel the pain later…


I didn’t complete my workout goals. However, I did try to workout as much as I could. Right now I’m really unmotivated…so knowing my psyche pretty well I have found that:

– working out with other people motivates me

– working out at night is easier than the morning

– working out in group exercise classes is easier than doing cardio alone

So last week I worked out with my girlfriend twice, then did a kickboxing class on Saturday. I ended up training around 5 times (I include my mom-me fit club workouts) and while I didn’t lose weight, my goal isn’t to lose weight right now. I mainly want to just maintain.

Since my back is still hurting, I probably still can’t perform any weights or running. However, I REALLY want to focus on being active every day!

I don’t want to write out my schedule because I don’t want to disappoint myself – but I do know what I plan on doing this week:

– Do something active every day

– Cardio 30-45 minutes 6 time this week

– Workout with girlfriend’s as much as possible

–  Walk with baby and dog as much as possible

– Eat well, drink a lot of water

– Focus on recovery

– Pray

this is after a large meal last night.
Before my injury, my side obliques were finally starting to peek 🙁

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