Mommy Fitness Blog: two old men hit on me today.

November 15, 2010

And I loved it! They are so cute! I love the morning time because there are a great group of people who are genuinely interested in taking care of their health. The  morning time in a gym is COMPLETELY different from evening time at the gym! When I train at 5am in the morning, there are about 20 of us who are trying to get our fitness on before the day begins. Usually, we are all in our 20s to mid-40s, taking our fitness very seriously. If I wake up late (as I did today) I see more older people – around 7-9am I’d say. What I love about training in the mornings is the positivity that encircles the gym floor. People high five and say, “Good to see you here.” – or “I didn’t want to come, but I know I need to get this done.”

The two old men that “hit” on me are actually acquaintences who once told me, “You are one of the handful of girls here that we look at and say “wow” at the gym” (How sweet is that!) So, today, they stopped by (meaning two of them who are probably in their late 70s – 80s)  while I running on the treadmill and gave me some positive vibes.

So that was my Monday morning so far. I didn’t want to get up as I was tired (and am actually feeling still very tired right now) and trained later than usual (around 7am). I performed my glutes workout, which consisted of squats, one legged squats, plyometric lunges, one legged lunges, sumo squat, doggie kicks and the abduction machine. I really didn’t feel up to do cardio, but of course I did. After starting on the stairmaster, I popped off and went to the treadmill to perform 20 minutes intensely.

It was a good day so far but now I am crazy swamped with SO MUCH WORK right now. I literally have 20 things on my to-do list today. No joke.

So busy. – So I decided to start blogging more often…maybe just do short blogs here and there, so that I can get some stuff off my chest and feel like I’m held accountable somewhere~!

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