Mommy Fitness Blog: oooh my aching back.

March 17, 2011

After my last “girl’s night out” this past Saturday I haven’t been able to shake the pain in my lower back. We were dancing most of the night and I was in heels…and as many know, heels aren’t exactly an orthopedic’s best friend. It definitely isn’t mine today! I usually feel some tightness in my back from dancing, but five days later, I am still experiencing back pain.  Not only is my back sore, but my whole body is sore! Whenever I perform Butt Training, I feel it HARD the next couple days. I know this to be a good thing since I don’t feel soreness in my thighs…just mainly my butt. So now I am walking really funny and bending over slowly.

Being sore isn’t always a good thing for me. In fact, I find myself eating worse when I’m sore because I feel so sorry for myself. LOL.

I’ve been consistently training though. I’ve been meeting my girlfriend, Andrea, at the gym every morning and performing at lest 20 minutes of cardio. I decided to try and bump  my cardio up to 35 minutes now. It’s funny  because in my fitness heydays I would perform cardio for 45 minutes minimum – sometimes twice a day! Now, you will never find me on a piece of equipment that long. (and I’m in better shape!)

So how is my butt coming along? (since I’ve been focusing on it these past few months) I think it’s getting rounder. A few friends have said that the shape is coming along – so I’m happy. I am at the same weight and putting on butt muscle!

I plan on getting a massage today – if my back doesn’t get better I will see a chiropractic.

But let’s pray it doesn’t get that far. !!!

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