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July 28, 2010

If anyone had the opportunity to be a fly on my wall throughout a day in the life of ME then they would certainly be exhausted. Every day is going…going…going. Even when sick. (which I have been this past week) It is 5pm and I FINALLY got the opportunity to sit down and devote ten minutes to this website. I had 4 meetings, went to two care homes, shopping, etc. My day is still not over.

Yesterday I had my mom-me fit club. It was great as I have been so sick, I haven’t been working out. Not only is getting out and training outside fun, but I love meeting new moms and new children that my boys can play with. (well, technically, just one boy)

In this past week I had my son’s Baptism, a horseback riding field trip, mom clubs, care home stuff…and David’s kids were in town from Mississippi…which meant an activity almost every day. (on top of my other stuff.)

My favorite time spent with my step kids was going to the gym. The eldest accompanied me to my favorite dance class and she did so well! We danced, we sweat and we had a ton of fun. Afterwards, I led her around the gym floor and showed her how to perform different exercises. She was like a sponge! I think all parents need to get their kids up, moving and educated while they still want to…by the time they are in high school, it’s really hard to motivate them.

As for my personal fitness, I was running for a bit – I even did some hard core training at Midtown Strength and Conditioning with my friend Adrian! At that gym they focus on kettlebells and other crazy stuff like tire flipping. I didn’t flip a tire, but I felt like I did the next day! I haven’t lost to much weight as I have been sick, not working out and hosting events. BUT, I’ve still lost weight. I hear compliments from people I haven’t seen in a while so that’s always nice!

Today is Wednesday and I think I will start feeling better tomorrow (hopefully)…if not, I am completely fine resting for an entire week. My neck has been in a lot of pain, I’ve been getting chills, first a stuffy nose, now a runny nose and lots and lots of fatigue….which bears the question, “should you train when you’re sick?” I say…listen to your body. If you think your immune system will be on overdrive because of the additional stress you place on it, then no, but if it’s as simple cold and you can endure more stress then yes. For me – I can’t.

I can’t wait to start running soon. I have ten pounds left until I make it to my pre-pregnancy weight. I know I can get there within two months (I give myself around 5 pounds a month which is completely realistic)

Right now, my goal is to eat clean, drink lots of fluids (for my sickness) and sleep!!!!

“kiss the baby” abs workout!

At Midtown Strength and Conditioning.

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