Mommy Fitness Blog: My new goals.

June 8, 2009

SO! I decided that I want to start running. I always tell everyone that Running is the BEST type of cardio and yet I hardly do it! WHY? Because it brings me back to junior high school  years when I was forced to run ‘the mile’. Of course, I wasn’t the slowest girl in the class (I was 3rd fastest to be exact) but it was still hard. Even though I can run forever, (as I do when I run with my girlfriends) if I had a choice, I wouldn’t.

Mainly because I don’t like running.

I usually take kickboxing and dance classes. I train on the elliptical, StairMaster and stair-climber…anything but running! BUT now I’m realizing that everything is getting too easy for me. I even left my dance class last week because my heart rate wasn’t rising high enough and my body has become to acclimated to the moves.

In order to get to that next level in my fitness, I need to start incorporating running. So, my new goal is to run at least 10 miles per week. I’m going to break this down into a few miles a few days a week…of course, if nothing is done by Saturday then I’m going to have to run 10 miles on Saturday! ALL I KNOW is that my goals need to get done. That’s my new thing!

While I wanted to lose 2lbs last week, it was hard because I was premenstrual and felt nauseous and sick all the time. I ended up not working out on Thursday AND Friday – and pretty much didn’t follow a diet past Wednesday. HOWEVER, I DID lose 2lbs. (Funny how life works, huh?!)

On Sunday I ran the Nike Women’s Fitness Festival 5k run. (approximately 3.1 miles) and I did pretty good! I was unsure of how well I’d run considering I haven’t done it since I was not pregnant sometime last year. I figured that I had good endurance so everything should pan out well. I ended up running it better than I thought I would! I averaged a 8:57 mile. (and I was certain it would be 9:30!) I definitely could’ve ran faster somewhere around the 2 mile mark but oh well!

I’m sooo inspired by my girlfriend Sarah, (who ran in the race as well but totally kicked my butt) because she had lost 30lbs since I last saw her – and she attributes a lot of that weight loss to running! I’m so happy for her. She looks sooo fabulous.

This week my goal is to:

1) Perform cardio every morning

2) Perform weight 3 times/week

3) Run 10 miles total

4) Focus on a moderate diet.

With Sarah!

Posing it up with my little baby! He’s 5 months:)

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