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August 3, 2009

Last week I completed my 10 mile goal.

BUT it was NOT easy. I’ve been so incredibly busy with different projects since the school year is fast approaching! To be VERY honest, it’s even hard to get up every morning. I used to spring out of bed, workout then work -…

NOW, I lay in bed as long as I can, then workout whenever I can throughout the day. I feel like there is so much to do that I don’t want to get up and complete it. I NOW TRULY understand what it means to

– hit your snooze button

– procrastinate because you don’t want to do something

– be absolutely unmotivated to workout.

ON Saturday I had four miles on my goal list when I went to the gym and it was NOT easy. I kept thinking,

– maybe I’ll run 2 miles now and 2 miles later.

– does Sunday count for part of the week? Maybe I can run tomorrow?

– I can just NOT complete the fitness goal and that would be ok??

BUT – I kept running and kept running…and when I finally hit the 4 mile mark, I felt really, really good. During that run I realized that the biggest thing motivating me was not accountability to my blog readers or trying to fit into size 2 jeans….it was ME. I HATE failing myself. I don’t like saying I would do something and NOT doing it.

I feel like once I start making goals and not completing them, then it begins a wave of failure…it makes mediocrity okay…and I was NOT ready to become mediocre!

I’ve always believed the difference between winners and losers is that people who win ACTUALLY FOLLOW THROUGH. I can tell who a person is immediately when they:

– call me back right away

– answer an email after receiving it

– complete daily goals

– has a clean house/car

…these people usually have a list of achievements because they are used to GETTING THINGS DONE. And really, that’s all fitness goals are about…getting things done every day so you can one day accomplish the big goal!

Anyways…that’s what I was thinking when I sweating through my third mile, LOL! I’m probably starting my period today and feel it in my body right now. I’m also experiencing a re-occuring injury in my left shoulder blade and tightness in my neck from an awkward sleeping position. I’m still feeling (and looking) good, and I think that’s a big reason why I’m lacking motivation.

I feel fine with the way I look…in fact, I think it’s important to be content with yourself physically, especially when you have a tendency to have a warped idea of what ‘fitness perfection’ looks like. Everyone at the gym thinks I’m crazy when I say I want to lose 8 more pounds…but I do! I want to see definition and look very lean. BUT, it’s hard to want that if I’m not competing or anything.

Competition has always motivated me.

SO – that’s what I’m doing this week…trying to find a new motivation. I also want to run 12 miles, weight train 4x this week and focus on abs and butt!

Training schedule:
Sunday: REST
Monday: chest/back/kickboxing – 2 miles
Tuesday: 4 mile run/abs
Wednesday: shoulders/abs/stairclimb
Thursday: 4 mile AM run – arms/dance class
Friday: Lower Body/2 miles/stair
Saturday: abs/kickboxing

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