Mommy Fitness Blog: my feet are dying!

June 28, 2010

Right now my entire calf area is sore – including my feet! We went on a 10 mile hike on Saturday and boy did it kick my butt! Not only was it hot and steep, but I was carrying 30 extra pounds on me! Half the time I carried the little baby and a heavy back pack – the second half, I carried the big baby (who loved to move and steal my sunglasses!) Litte Christian had NO idea what was going on because if he did, he would see both mommy and daddy in a lot of pain, trekking up a hill trying to get back to the car where we can sit down, drink water and enjoy air conditioning! So, right now, I am sore.

I had a massage yesterday (my 2nd in two weeks!) and it was good – but I really should’ve told them to just spend half an hour on my feet…because they feel so painful right now! I can’t imagine doing any cardio exercise with my feet in this condition.

I haven’t been blogging lately  because the kids have been driving me crazy. I hardly get to go on my computer as much – mainly because Christian in particular, enjoys interrupting me when he sees me at my desk. So, right now, they are both napping and instead of napping with them, I decided to update this site! I’ve been really good about working out. I have been consistently putting in around 5 days/week for almost a month now. My progress has been slow though…I think it’s because my body needs to really re-calibrate after giving birth to two babies in such a short period of time. My diet has been around a 8/10. It could be better – I guess.

I’ve been drinking  a lot of home-made smoothies! My only critique about my diet right now is that I could be pre-cooking more meals so that I don’t eat frozen foods that I just heat up. I know what I need to do, I should just do it, right? This is why I’ve been making  a lot of smoothies lately…I’d rather drink my meals than eat them. That’s where I am right now. I have a protein shake, a smoothie, maybe another smoothie after my workout. When I eat something solid it is usually a Fish Tilapia that I buy at Costco and just re-heat or something chicken (usually bought somewhere) and YES, I am in a not-cooking phase.

This week I plan on continuing my good workout schedule…probably focusing more on intensity. I also want to eat better…which means 5 consistent meals per day. I’d also like to find some more awesome recipes to make different kinds of smoothies. Right now, my smoothie consist of frozen strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, non fat yogurt, light soymilk, protein powder and a small packet of splenda. Pretty tasty and low calorie!

I will start incorporating running in the next month or so….I had my first run with my girlfriend on Friday, so I think that will be my beginnings..running with her every Friday.

At the beach with my babies 9 weeks after giving birth.

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