Mommy Fitness Blog: My Favorite workout gear

January 26, 2011

I’ve had a hard time motivating myself to workout  lately. There are several reasons for that.

Firstly, I have no set goal. It’s hard for me to set a goal because I’m leaving for vacation in two weeks…so therefore, I plan on setting a 12 week goal when I return.

Secondly, I’ve been sleeping late and haven’t been able to get up early enough to train. I sleep late mostly because I workout later in the day (from not getting up) and I have too much energy at the end of the night.

Thirdly, January in general is a hard month for me to train. Since it get’s incredibly busy at the gym – everything becomes annoying. The weight area is crowded, the cardio machines are occupied and the group classes are full. It doesn’t help that the weather sucks.

So what do I to get motivation when I can’t set a short term goal or magically create an empty gym?

I get new workout gear.

Yes – I love to shop. I’m a girl after all…and I wear workout clothes 80% of the time. If I have an abundance of clothes that I like to wear, then I will look forward to wearing it. Not only will I wear it out often, but it gives me NO excuse for not being prepared to go into the gym or run outside when the opportunity makes itself available.

Since I have been working out since I can remember ( I became a gym member at 14) I definitely have found my favorites in workout clothes. There”s a difference in all of them as you know – some fit me better than others, some last longer while some are  more fashionable. Here are a list of my FAVORITE workout clothes:

FAVORITE PANTS/CAPRIS: LULEMON! By far, they are my favorite pants/capris. They make your butt look better. REALLY! And they have a special fabric that feels sporty, athletic and sexy. They are expensive though. Their bottoms cost anywhere between $80-$120. Since they don’t have a store in Sacramento, I treat myself to a pair whenever I go to San Francisco. I usually wear capris, mostly because I hate the extra clothing that bunches around my ankles when I perform abs or take a kickboxing class.

FAVORITE JACKETS: BL BODY! (inspired by the Biggest Loser)  They have several workout pieces, but I like their jacket the BEST. It zippers all the way up wear I can hide my neck and lower face behind fabric on cold days. It has a hood and zippers on its pockets (which is essential for people who lose stuff like me). Lastly, I love the fabric and the FIT of the jacket. It’s tight, but not too tight. And it looks fashionable!

FAVORITE SPORTS BRA: THE HANDFUL BRA. I love it because it’s functional, it fits well, it looks great under ribbed tank tops, it has small straps and it has great support!

FAVORITE SHOES: NIKE SHOX. Some people don’t like them but for some reason, I feel like I’m taller AND running with more bounce. I have several pairs. I have a pink and black one, a brown one, a black one and a gray one.

FAVORITE FASHIONABLE GYM CLOTHES: BEBE SPORT. I have a few items from BeBe that I bought years ago at their outlet in Las Vegas. They are so cute and I always get compliments when I wear them. Imagine a cute top, but it’s dri-fit! It adds some style to your gym outfit and makes you look fashionable even when you are just running errands in your workout clothes.

FAVORITE RIBBED TANK TOPS: MOSSIMO. You can purchase this at any Target store for $8-$10. I love ribbed tank tops but they have to “feel” a certain way. They need to be light, tight and not too thick in fabric. This brand is great.

FAVORITE WORKOUT TOPS: Too be honest – I don’t have any. I have several of course. I’d say most of them are probably Nike. However, I have found that many tops are very loose around the mid-section. I like tops that have thin straps, has a racerback (I like to see my back muscles when I train) and is not too short. I haven’t really found a brand I can say “THAT’S MY FAVORITE!” yet…but I will let y’all know when I do!

In this picture I’m wearing the BL Jacket, Lulemon pants
and Nike Shox!


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