October 3, 2011

It’s Monday.

It’s a new week.

It’s a new month.

And I have new goals!

I live in a new house.

I am seven months pregnant.

I have finally unpacked.

And I’m ready to get back into the gym.

In fact, I was thinking, “Everyone says I look so cute with my belly, I really should start milking this before I give birth.” After all, this MAY be our last child.

I swear, the last time I was at the gym, people would stand outside of the kickboxing room and smile while watching me and my big belly perform punches and kicks. That was hilarious.

My goal this week is to get back into my fitness routine. Training in the morning is unrealistic – so I need to start re-planning my day where I can cook dinner around 5 and leave for a fitness class at six because God knows I can’t train by myself.

So this is MY PLAN:

Mon: kickboxing

Tues: Mom-ME group

Wed: Zumba

Thurs: rest

Fri: Mom-ME group

Sat: Zumba

I will probably perform circuit training twice this week.

I want to get my treadmill set up so I can start walking on incline while watching television. I also want to take my parent’s dog out a couple times this week. For me, since I am pregnant, it’s all about recreational fitness whenever I can get it.

This week is also a calmer week for me…which is why I’m going to focus on potty training Christian this week. As mother’s know – you need to commit full days with your child when you are potty training!

Things I need to get better in:
– eating less candy

-eating less candy.

(did I mention eating less candy!!?!)


And NO it’s not a craving. I don’t believe in cravings. I believe in indulgences. And I’ve been indulging!!!! LOL

At a wedding this past weekend. She had a candy bar! OMG!

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