Mommy Fitness Blog: Meet my little baby

June 6, 2011

I had a 12-week appointment today and was so excited to see the little body of my newest baby!! He/She was very active. I saw the body turn and the arm move – regardless of how many pregnancies I have it’s always exciting to see a baby growing in your tummy!!!!

My weight is ‘progressing’ normally, my blood pressure is 96/57 and I’m in really good health. I told her about my back issues and she said that it may decrease after my first trimester. During the first trimester the uterus is so low in the front that it sometimes put pressure on the lower back. “every pregnancy is different” so…ugh.

Speaking of back pain. Well, I will be honest when I say that I train MAYBE twice a week. On a minimum at least once. Usually I train because my girlfriend wants to go the gym. Unless there is someone waiting for me, it’s very hard to want to train myself. Even though it’s in my routine to workout, lately because of the pain – I’ve become more accustomed to laying on my back with a heating pad as opposed to training. I saw my massage therapist yesterday and an acupuncturist last week.

Technically I’m still in my first trimester (you hit 2nd at 13 weeks) and fatigue still hits me like a bolt of lightning. Today, I was SO sleepy, it was SO hard to stay awake with my two boys. (they are at the age you have to watch what they are doing all the time) and I couldn’t keep my eyes open for the life of me. I cannot imagine how it is to be a working mom (like a 9-5 mom) because I would go to sleep at my desk!

I am creating my new workout calendar today – the one’s I make usually expires after five months so this is a good time for me to “GET BACK ON TRACK”. I really want to start waking earlier (I love early workouts still!) and do something active as long as my back doesn’t kill me in the process!


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