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August 25, 2010

Last week I ran A LOT. I ran for my warm up – I ran at the park..I even ran up crazy bleachers at a local community college. I felt great. Right now, it’s incredibly  HOT in Sacramento so I’m not running so much this week. This morning, I had an incredibly long workout that included stairclimbing, an intense chest workout followed by a bootcamp class. I usually don’t take bootcamp classes,  but I had a meeting afterwards with the instructor, so I ‘might as well’ partake in the class! Right now I have a list of things I’m checking off – making calls, updating budgets, emailing…pretty productive day! The boys are asleep, which makes my life A LOT easier. In fact, I as laying with one of them (putting him to sleep) and I wanted to fall asleep right next to him! And I kept thinking: Should I sleep, or should I work??? I should sleep…and then I decided, MAN I NEED TO WORK!

So I got up and now I feel pretty good about not taking  a midday nap.

Workouts have been good. I’m consistently sore. I received a nice compliment the other day…someone said, “You were made to have babies!!!” (not the first time I heard that, but always nice to hear) My body does seem to bounce back pretty well. I was always fearful of childbirth, mainly  because of the weight gain, but  now I feel like I can do it 100 times over! However, I HATE the labor part! LOL. It’s officially a bit over four months since I gave birth to my Baby Nicholas. My belly is completely flat (I’m working on toning it now) and I have my shape coming back. I’m most happy about my butt. First go around, I felt like my butt widened and almost flattened, but this time around, it’s still bubbly and has some muscle tone. I think it has something to do with not have an Epidural? Possibly.?

Of course, there are things I feel I can ALWAYS improve on. That being the diet first and foremost. I don’t eat bad  – I just don’t eat in my mind what is considered ‘perfect’…which is egg whites and oatmeal, chicken breast and broccoli and 12 almonds , etc. I like to eat something ‘outside of my diet’ here and there. It can include three jelly beans or a sugar cone or SOMETHING that makes me feel like I’m not on a strict diet.

Once a week I do splurge. And when I say splurge, I mean I eat sushi, frozen yogurt and indulge in one glass of red wine.

Yep – I love those days. Gone are the days when I ‘splurged’ eating in and out, chocolate bars, ice cream, cake (all in one day!!) LOL.

I am loving my body though. I feel it getting better and better every week. My goal is to try to eat cleaner, incorporate bleachers once a week and get more zzz’s!


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