Mommy Fitness Blog: I’m BACK! And ready to Get’r DONE!

September 13, 2010

I haven’t been posting for this past week because I’ve been in Hawaii! Yes, it was a very fun time for my family and I to relax, get away and chill at the beach. I made it a point EVERY day to get into the ocean. I am a certified sun baby and love being in the cool ocean for some natural therapy. We brought the boys so it wasn’t THAT much of a vacation. In fact, Christian had the stomach flu before we left. I ended up having the head flu for a couple days while there. Then David got sick towards the end of the trip! Needless to say, it was a good getaway, but not exactly picture perfect! LOL. Especially when you’ve got a little tyrant running around the plane because he can’t sit still for six hours.

I was considering taking the kids with us to Europe next year, but after this trip I think I’m having a change of heart. It is REALLY tough with two kids and especially since Christian will be approaching two next year – I know for certain I will go crazy.

So, we stayed at a nice resort. It had a great gym with all new Cybex equipment including my favorite, the Cybex Arc Trainer. However, since I was sick for the first half, I couldn’t train. And since I was lazy the second half – I ended up not training at all. In addition to no workouts, my eating was definitely diet conscious. I had dried mango every day. I had wine whenever I was given the opportunity. I didn’t count calories or write in my diet journal.

When I returned late Friday night, I was considerng going to my Saturday kickboxing class but didn’t get the willpower to go. I had a function that afternoon for my grandmother’s 80th birthday and didn’t want to rush – especially since I have to dress myself, the boys and David beforehand. Of course, I don’t have to ‘dress’ David, I just need to make sure he is matching as I love it when we all match. Yesterday we wore all green! LOL

So Sunday began the first day of my “let’s get SERIOUS diet”. This includes 5 small meals throughout the day, that look something like this:

Meal One: Protein Shake, Fiber Cereal, Light soy milk
Meal Two: Egg whites, oatmeal
Meal Three: Cottage Cheese with Pineapple
Meal Four: Protein Shake, grapefruit
Meal Five: Chicken or Tuna or Fish with Veggies and brown rice and veggies.

I am SO focused right now. I have approximately 11 weeks before we officially tie the knot. We jointly decided to make our long-awaited wedding date on November 27th since that would be a time when families from out of town can come because of the holiday season. It’s also the day after my 30th birthday! It will be a very festive week indeed. Many people inquire why we waited so long to get married – the reason it took so long is because it takes a long time to get a Catholic Annulment. (David was once married before) And even though he isn’t Catholic, according to my religion, we acknowledge all Christian marriages.

So – the wedding is definitely a motivator, but I think the biggest motivator is seeing results and wanting to get in the best shape of my life again. After all, I can easily put on my dress right now and look Fabulous!

This morning I began my first workout of the week.  For the next three months I am making my workout a priority and getting it done early. It’s really hard for me to do it once the kids wake up as it is very hard for me to leave them. When I stepped into the gym this early morning I REALLY didn’t want to train. Mainly because I didn’t get much sleep (the boys kept waking up) and because I felt fat from the vacation! However, I decided to weigh myself and see if I gained weight – I was hoping I lost weight as I usually do on vacations, even on cruises! And turns out that I did lose weight! So, I am happy AND motivated!

In an effort to detail my workouts more on this site, here is a rundown of what I did this morning:

1 mile warm up

Double set:
Chest Cable Flies 15×3
10 pushups

Triple set:
Chest Dumb Bell Incline Flies 12×3
Chest Dumb Bell Incline Press 5×3
Plie squat with 15lb dumb bell 20×3

Double set:
Arnold Shoulder Presses 15×3
Barbell Shoulder pullovers 12×3

Triple set:
Front Dumb Bell Shoulder Raises 10×3
One leg Dumb Bell Back Raises 10×3
Abdominal training 30×3

45 minutes of Stairmaster

Goal this week is to train 6 days – 4 days with weights!

Here I am swimming underwater! We saw awesome sea turtles and swam with them too!



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