Mommy Fitness Blog: I was featured on Sac & Co!!

March 23, 2011

Earlier this week, on Monday, I was featured on our local morning show, Sacramento & Co! One of the anchors emailed me a few weeks ago requesting an interview and naturally I said YES! It was a great experience and I feel blessed to be part of that show.

They asked awesome questions like, “How I lost the baby weight” and “What tips I have for other families…” SO, I hope it helped someone out there, somewhere!

This past week I give myself a grade A when it comes to my workouts and a B+ on my nutrition. I’ve been working out every day, BUT my eating is not as great because to me, when I’m ‘on’ I am eating less carbohydrates at night, consuming small meals throughout the day and drinking enough water. Which I’m not. SO. The grade is a B+

My back has been REALLY bad lately though….especially my lower back. It keeps spazzing out and I’m realizing I need to stretch more. I had a massage the other day and my therapist kept kneading my shoulder area (the area that always gets injured) It kinda bothered me because my lower back was the issue more than my shoulder…but then she explained to me how everything is connected, etc. Now, even though I had some relief from the massage, I still am dealing with a lot of pain.

Today I usually perform a back routine, but instead, I performed chest and biceps. Yesterday I worked on my butt training and the day before I did kickboxing. It’s tough because I really try not to train too hard because I know my back will feel it later. Even training my chest today is questionable since my back is the opposing muscle and affected by my chest presses and flies.

I feel pretty good overall though. I don’t feel heavy or bloated. I feel like my physique is pretty svelte and it encourages me when I get compliments daily. My goal is to start eating more raw foods, to incorporate stretching daily and to try yoga. SO. we will see!!!


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