Mommy Fitness Blog: I have my period, AGAIN.

September 24, 2010

It’s Friday and I know there is no set date that I post this mommy blog but at least I get it done! Right?! That’s what I tell myself whenever I’m able to make it to the gym – which is around 5am in the morning these days! Honestly, I lacked a whole-lotta motivation earlier this week. It was tough to work out because I had so many work priorities. If I wasn’t out the house by 5am, then I knew for certain that I wouldn’t be able to schedule any exercise for the rest of the day. However, I was able to train every day this week except for yesterday. Right when I was about to leave in the morning, Christian woke up crying, got out of bed, dragged me into his bed (I was already standing in workout clothes) and then he imprisoned me in his arms and legs and wouldn’t let me go! LOL.

Besides working, I was also unmotivated because I was ‘irked’ inside. And I couldn’t figure out what it was!! And then, out of nowhere, my period came AGAIN. I have had my period every two weeks these past few months. It is CRAZY. Every single time I have my period, I always have bad premenstrual emotions prior…so that explained a lot. I whole heartedly believe that women need to understand their body, hormones and cycles so they can better fuel and activate their bodies.

For example, I’m always a bit heavier before my cycle because of the water retention. When I was younger, I was more relaxed on my eating during my period because no matter what I ate, I always lost 2-3 pounds after. It seemed like my body metbolized differently when I was on my cycle.

Since last week, I’ve actually dropped an amazing 4 pounds. Yep, in addition to the pound I lost while on vacation, I am nowa whole five pounds lighter since last month. Yay me!

Today at the gym I performed a lot of chest and ab work. For chest I began performing sets of push ups to warm up. Usually I add them to a superset but decided to start with them since I’m usually exhausted during the superset. It was amazing to have so much strength and endurance since it was my first exercise and my body wasn’t fatigued yet! I then performed dumb bell flies on a stability ball. I only performed two exercises for chest because I really don’t build that area, I just try to keep it tight. Then I did a lot of ab work, which included the lying ball exchange, reverse crunch, pikes, side planks and bicycles. I ended my workout with 30  minutes on the stairmaster.

When I got home I had 4 egg whites, a piece of wheat toast and a tiny bit of olive oil. My second meal will consist of a protein shake and fiber cereal. After that I plan on cottage cheese, then maybe some protein and bar later. For dinner I will make something…maybe some tuna?

I would say my diet has been 80% better since before I left for vacation – but of course, I still ‘cheat’ here and there. I have some jelly beans I snack on sometimes throughout the day when I’m craving sugar. Usually I eat no more than two at a time, with maybe a total of 6 in a day. LOL. People who don’t ever watch what they eat probably think I’m crazy right now!

However, while people might think I’m crazy, there’s no denying my results. Some of my size 4 jeans are loose on me right now and my abs are getting tighter and tighter every day! I think the biggest difference may be in my face.  A lot of people have noted on how small it’s getting.

My biggest focus for the next couple weeks is to perform glute training twice a week, start running 6 miles a week and eating clean!!!!

Here I am promoting my school fitness program!!!



  • Reply anonymous January 29, 2013 at 12:35 am

    Have you absolutely no sense of privacy???!!! How can you want the whole world to know that you have your period and everything else about you , you nitwit!
    I cannot abide this nonsense

    • Reply Maria Kang January 30, 2013 at 3:16 am

      Stop reading about me. Thanks.

      • Reply Olena February 6, 2014 at 7:41 am

        Maria, this last Anonymous person I am sure loves watching all sorts of shows, eat pizza, is in debt and obese and has difficulties with your sense of privacy?? Why is she on your page then! So stupid! Whats wrong with those fat haters!?

  • Reply Vicky October 20, 2013 at 12:47 pm

    Very interesting! When I have my period I don’t even feel like working out and I have cravings. Thanks for sharing with your fans.

  • Reply Tamara Coleman October 22, 2013 at 6:42 pm

    Hi Maria thanks for sharing! I can’t believe how many haters are out there. Chill guys! Just be happy for her! That’s let’s you know that women can be very petty and jealous. Anyways, I have a 18 month old and a 2.5 month old. I work 10-11 hrs a day 5 days a week. I start work at 645 am and I leave around 5. My husband gets home around 6:30. If this was your schedule what would you recommend as far as workout times. Also does your mom watch your kids when you work out?

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