Mommy Fitness Blog: I gained 6lbs!

February 25, 2010

I’m feeling pretty good right now. However, I still find myself sleepy ALL the time. Not sure if it’s because of allergies (which I never had before) or because of pregnancy (which most people say the cause is.)

All I know, is that if I could lay in bed most of the day…I would. My schedule has calmed down a little bit though. Mainly because it will start to pick up again next week. Life usually rolls that way – in waves! Right now, I’m still dealing with a lot of logistics of my business and constantly working with excel sheets and numbers to make sure everything is on parr.

Last night I attended my dance class and on Monday I walked 5 miles since it was a beautiful, bright, shiny day. I can see the sun shining through my blinds right now. Very pretty since it was extra foggy this morning.

My goal is to workout 3 times this week. At least.

I was checking my weight gain progress and it looks like I gained an astonishing 6 pounds since last month. WOW. I’ve gained a total of 25lbs now and I am over 33 weeks pregnant. 6 more weeks to go! CRAZINESS. The baby is growing half a pound each week and I definitely feel the extra blood and water flowing through my body. Whenever I do anything physical my heart rate sky rockets.

Overall, I feel more ‘so so’ about life – since I’ve been so busy and am anticipating this baby it’s been really mundane for me on a daily basis. I can’t wait to do something different, fun and exciting.

Taken last week at my nonprofit school program. 32 weeks!

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