Mommy Fitness Blog: I could sleep all day

November 19, 2011

Earlier this week I had an article deadline. I stayed up until 2am the  night before its due date just so I can re-draft it a couple times before submitting it the next day. Ever since then, I have felt exhausted, tired and incredibly sleepy ALL day long. I could probably catch up on the sleep loss, but because I am generally uncomfortable all the time, it doesn’t help! I’m sleepy. But I’m not getting a really good, long, Stage 4 sleep right now.

While I haven’t been training consistently these past couple weeks, my body feels incredibly exhausted. I wake up sore. Just carrying the kids (I know I shouldn’t), walking up and down the stairs and cleaning the house takes a lot out of me – especially with 30 more pounds!

I don’t crave anything in particular and sometimes have a hard time eating (because I know I should.) It’s terrible because my husband and I are so decisive when it comes to food. He will always say (and he’s been saying this for years since I’ve been pregnant for years) “What do you want to eat?”
“I don’t know, what do you want?” (me)
“I don’t know, you’re the pregnant one!”


My only real vice is candy. I eat it because I enjoy it and because I can…my blood sugar levels are great so no worries with the baby.

Tomorrow is my “Mommy Shower” so my goal is to sleep tonight so I can be energized tomorrow. I plan on enjoying a massage and facial tomorrow – maybe a pedicure, then party with my closest friends.

While I only have a month left – my goal is to keep doing what I’ve been doing this entire pregnancy and exercise 2-3 times this week and eat fairly well.

8 months photoshoot with my husband.


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