Mommy Fitness Blog: Head down Count Down!

March 10, 2010

Well it seems like his head should be down by now? But I feel more kicking and movement more now than ever! My belly has definitely dropped, I feel like my mid-section has gotten tighter and I am SO tired when I move. It’s hard for me to carry Christian (which I know I shouldn’t be doing)…but what is terrible, is sometimes I am carrying him in one arm and 3 bags in the other!

Which is why I’m not working out as frequently as I would like. I do hit my 3 times a week goal though! Which is better than nothing. As of right now I haven’t done anything for this week. Mainly because I’ve been incredibly busy – to the point that my body feels more sore now than if it DID workout more often.

I am organizing a jog-a-thon for April 25th (2 weeks after my expected due date) so that has created a lot of stress! I’m trying to organize particpants, school clubs and sponsors. I have a great partner in this so its not THAT bad, but of course, I always feel like I should always be ten steps ahead.

In addition to that, I have a few articles due, which I would like to write before I leave for San Diego this Friday. The only time I can write is late at night and since the baby occupies my time in the evening, it gets really  hard to get into the writing groove. Most often, when I am putting him to bed, I fall asleep right next to him. (He still sleeps with us believe it or not. I know it needs the change, SOON!)

There are more things I can write about but I don’t want to make all my sites my ‘complaining’ sites…which I found them to look like these past few months. All I can truly say is…

Regardless of how busy I am, I always find time to eat something healthy (especially breakfast), I always carry a water bottle, I stay consistent with 3x/week workouts and whenever possible, I try to breathe and meditate!

So for those of you who are busy…always know that you can control your diet and exercise if you commit to what you CAN do and control what you put in your mouth.

My goal this week is to:

1) Workout 2-3x (it’s hard this week. I can only imagine realistically workout today and tomorrow unless I devote a day in San Diego, which is hard. We’ll see!)

2) Drink lots of water

3) Put cream on my belly (I am REALLY bad at this. I just started LASTNIGHT!)

4) Don’t stress!

Have a great week everyone!

Taken last week at 34 weeks pregnant.

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