Mommy Fitness Blog: goals this week.

January 14, 2010

I have been so incredibly busy this past week – in fact these last two days I’ve honestly laid in bed early in the evening, just to lay in bed and do absolutely nothing.

Every day begins with the school fitness program, then I come home to wake and feed the baby, then I work on emails, then I have meetings, then I have errands, then (if I am lucky) I get to work out, then I write articles, then I try to wind down but I am usually working on another project.

So much to do!

I realize that I need to start really taking care of my nutrition. I’m excellent in the morning and sometimes the afternoon, but I don’t eat dinner sometimes (because I’m not hungry or running around busy) and I hate cooking right now. Even though pregnancy sorta gives you an excuse to grab a healthy chicken burrito or fast food grilled sandwich, nothing really appetizes me. Which is why I have a hard time eating at night.

The only thing I look forward to is my protein shake and waffles in the morning.

I am gaining good weight though! I am feeding my baby in my tummy! However, I do realize that my tummy does look small for 27 weeks. Everyone always says, “Wow you carry small. You should have 10 babies!” LOL

I went walking/jogging yesterday with David and Christian, but found that my back was starting to hurt so I had to speed walk instead. Not only am I carrying the baby smaller but also lower…I’ve had issues with my lower back since the beginning. Even before I started gaining weight!

Today I plan to go to the gym. I think I’m going to start going more regularly now that I have a bump. Before I think ‘looking fat’ and not pregnant made me feel self conscious to a certain degree…I was also incredibly busy!

My goal this week is to:

1) eat more nutritious meals throughout the day

2) drink more water

3) workout 3 times this week

4) walk outside and enjoy the sun whenever it’s out!

Christian was soo happy on the day of his first birthday party!

Lots of kids! We had cheeseburgers, hot dogs, nachos and mac n cheese!

13 weeks left! I’ve gained almost 17lbs so far.

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