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July 7, 2011

It’s been so incredibly busy for the last month that I’ve devoted little time to many of my projects including this site. Don’t feel bad – I’ve neglected myself too! I workout MAYBE 1-2 times a week. I decided, however, to start waking up at 5:30am again to train because it’s getting crazy hot here (100 degree temps) and I REALLY detest waking up with my son pulling my hair and armpit skin. (I know that sounds gross but he seriously loves my pharemones I guess. Either that or he finds loose skin fun to pull)

I was able to workout Mon and Wed this week. I was supposed to workout today (Thursday) but I pull something in my lower right back while fixing Christian’s bed lastnight. It was so bad I couldn’t even stand or walk for the rest of the evening! I knew training in the morning was out. I stretched today but I still feel irritation. How sad because my back was FINALLY getting better. (I am convinced that the pain originated mostly from my little uterus pulling on my lower back)

I feel so so though. I’m in the ‘inbetween’ stage and I swear for the life of me, I never look pregnant until my sixth month. That means for six months I’m gaining some weight and looking like I have a small beer gut. I gained some weight when I stepped on the scale yesterday but I think its from sodium…I also think it all went to my breasts because man are they huge right now!

I have so many desires. If I can make a list of things that I wish I could improve on it would be this:

– Start working out at home more. (It’s tough with the two boys. REALLY tough.)

– Getting my workout done by 7am at least 4 times a week (See! I’m being realistic)

– Start taking evening walks with my boys and husband.

– Moving my dinner to 6pm instead of 8pm! (It’s been tough with family dinners and events)

Right now its late afternoon and I plan on having my family over for dinner. I felt like I needed some ‘people time’ so I started texting, emailing and calling people today. My good friend, Janelle, stopped by. She had a baby less than four months ago and she was looking great.

I’m itching to go on vacation right now though. I’ve been looking at deals online and calling friends from afar to try to schedule something. I get restless VERY easy. I probably also feel this way because as I said, I feel like I’ve been on a high for the past month and I’m never used to these ‘lows’ where there is nothing to do. ugh.

This is a recent shot with me and my boys…


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