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March 30, 2011

Today I plan on seeing  a chiropractor. My training has been consistent – I definitely don’t perform strength training too intensely and I definitely don’t do anything that is back bearing (like run)…but my lower back is still KILLING me. I woke up this morning pissed off because I feel like I’m not doing anything but ‘going through the motions.’ I feel my back pain at various times during the day: like when I’m laying down, sitting down, carrying the kids, training, etc. It sucks. And to be honest, I really do know how it feels like to have continuous chronic pain now. I don’t know how people who constantly have it, deal with it. It effects all aspects of your life…especially your moods!

Lately I’ve been feeling down  – I don’t know if my back pain has anything to do with it, however, I do know that it could be a bit of physical pain but mostly my natural emotional cycles (as I’ve been dealing with being up and down for my entire life!) I have found that if I am not incredibly busy, I don’t feel like I’m doing enough. (I have to work on this.) I’m not a person that can sit around and watch tv all day. In fact, it is RARE when the tv is even on. If I don’t have much to do in terms of meetings during the day, I spend a lot of time cooking, getting creative with the kids and writing. Last week I picked up a couple fictional books from Borders in an effort to read more. While I was on vacation I read four books and I told myself I would spend more time doing that when I returned!

On Monday I performed Yoga with my fitness program (so it was like hitting two birds with one stone) and I ‘ve also been stretching more regularly. I haven’t quite meditated as much as I’ve wanted to. I have found getting up early to meditate (instead of exercise) has been difficult. I have  a 20 minute window to get active once I awake before I get incredibly hungry and need to eat. As some know, I don’t eat before I train in the mornings.

Yesterday (Tuesday) I couldn’t train in the morning because my son, Christian, woke up before I was supposed to leave and wouldn’t let me go. (He likes to hug me and NOT let go! And if I try to leave, he will cry and wake the entire house up.) So I didn’t get to train except for almost 20 minutes of running with my Mom-Me club. I was thinking of taking a dance class that evening but I didn’t have the motivation. As I said, I’ve been feeling quite down lately.

Today I was able to get up and train, mainly because I was supposed to meet my girlfriend, Andrea, in the morning. OF course, I could’ve canceled on her and not felt bad BUT I also thought about how I would feel if I didn’t train AND how hard it would be to motivate myself to do it later. I am hoping to train one more time tonight at my kickboxing class..

Besides my workouts, I am really trying to focus on eating more naturally. I’m actually seriously considering changing my protein. I drink a shake every day and a part of me felt like I was ‘cheating’ myself because I am trying to be 80% raw in my daily food consumption. Knowing that I was drinking a manufactured protein shake bothered me so now I am seriously looking into Hemp Protein. I will tell all of you more about this as I do more research…

In general, I do feel good overall and my weight has maintained…which is what I want.

My goal this week is to:

– drink more tea (specifically this new detox tea I bought)

– eat more salads

– eat more nuts for snacks

– purchase hemp protein

– train each day!

Below is a picture of me and my two high school girlfriends out and about on Saturday night!


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