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August 3, 2010

Yes! Most of this week I will be instructing at my nonprofit’s summer camp so my posting will be here and there and everywhere! I really enjoy working with my students and am getting so many great ideas on how to make the program better! Tomorrow we will be filming a workout DVD, which will be so much fun!!!

Today we had a great jump rope workout and discussed the basics of nutrition and fitness. Some of the things we discussed are:

– How saturated fat has NO function but to get stored into your butt, belly or wherever you store your body fat.
– How fiber helps you poop
– How it takes 3500 calories to burn one pound of fat
– How the combination of carbohyrates and fats is one of the WORST combinations of food
– How you need to minimize the sugar in your daily diet

So – since I have this camp all week my schedule is going to be off the wall…as soon as I left the camp today I had a doctor’s appt., then I finally came home to see the kids, then went out again to run errands, then came back to make calls then finish an article. My goal tomorrow is to train early in the morning so I can get it out the way.

Speaking of exercise – I unfortunately haven’t been training as much as I want. Mainly because I’ve been sick. Today was the first day I felt pretty good. (even though I had little sleep the night before) I didn’t have time to train today though…but I will tomorrow! It was great seeing my intern today (whom I haven’t seen my awards dinner two months ago) who looked at me and said, “You’ve lost a lot of weight!” I was shocked! And she was shocked that I was shocked. Of course, I see myself every day and hardly notice anything.

My goal this week is to train EVERY day this week (since I missed Sun, Mon and Tues) and continue eating as best as I can!

With my Uncle Eddie at his eighties themed 40th bday party!

Aren’t we cute!!!! My sister Angel dressed like Madonna,
my sister Christine (who is 21 weeks preggers) had her take and
I was flashdance!

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