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May 18, 2011

I feel pretty awesome except for lack of sleep! It seems that Nicholas has been waking up several times through the night lately…it doesn’t help that Christian likes to wake up at 5:30am now either! So – I feel like a zombie all day. Sometimes I get to rest a little, but then there are times when I’m out running errands, dealing with paperwork and attending a meeting. (like today)

After my bleacher workout last week, my back started hurting incredibly bad. SO BAD that I went to a massage therapist on Friday and Monday. I didn’t get my normal therapist on Friday and actually tried out a new place in the area. It was nice – but I DEFINITELY like my massage therapist, Sue, the best. She knows exactly where to press the painful buttons. Even without touching me!

So – my back is feeling a little better…I’ve been laying on heating pads for the last few days and avoiding any weight training. I did perform 45 minutes of elliptical yesterday, it wasn’t too bad. I want to train today but I’ve been going and going since 5am that I just want to drop and fall asleep with my napping child. (That’s my goal after I write this post)

I was really happy the other day too because I stepped on the scale and discovered my weight had dropped! I’ve been urinating so much that I knew I must’ve dropped some water weight – and I did! So funny because the first thing I thought about was “Darn, I threw away my candy stash in the garage because of this!” LOL. I actually haven’t gained any weight since getting pregnant. Great news as I am SUPER ANAL about not getting too heavy while pregnant. It’s not healthy for you or the baby. Don’t get me wrong…I eat more than I do if I wasn’t. For example, I just had two servings of my soy ice cream. That doesn’t seem like a lot for some people but that’s a TON for me.

My goal is to train each day this week (since I missed Sun and Mon) – but I know that will be hard because I absolutely cannot imagine working out today. I want to nap (it’s 3pm and I just got home) so I need to do it NOW before the baby awakes. I sent Christian out with David to run errands but we are meeting tonight at 6pm at my parents home to eat. So that means I have to train at 5pm. That’s my only opportunity…because I KNOW I won’t do it late and I know I won’t do it right now.

So what do I do if I’m really unmotivated and cannot foresee a workout???

I start FORESEEING the workout.

In order to follow through – you must first envision yourself following through. You have to convince your mind that it has already made plans – all YOU have to do, is follow through!

So, I will nap, then awake, then put on some exercise clothes and either run outside, turn on a dvd or get on my recumbent bike. (the gym is not a feasible solution)

So not only do I envision my workout – I envision a REALISTIC way I’m going to execute.

My goal this week is to

– continue writing down everything I eat

– drink more water

– stretch more

– take it easy but also do as much as I can

– rest more

out and about skating for my Godson’s 7th birthday!!!

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