Mommy Fitness Blog: Countdown to our wedding.

July 5, 2010

There are a lot of weddings going on during the summertime – and many that will  be occuring in the fall (including my long awaited wedding!) So if you are in a wedding, going to get married or planning to attend a wedding…then I think this is a wonderful incentive to get into some mad shape!

I knew that I would only have approximately 6 months to get into great shape after giving birth since our wedding is slated to be on November 27th. Right now, my progress has been good but slow since my body is re-calibrating from being pregnant for two years! Some of the things that I am incorporating is protein shakes (which I drink every morning anyways. But I am incorporating a second shake during the day). I am also working out 5-6 times a week and focusing on INTENSITY. As soon as I have a more stable schedule I plan on incorporating running as that burns a ton of calories.

One big thing that I think about when trying to create a program that works is FIRST getting my body into a program. That means waking, eating, sleeping, even sh%ting at the same time every day. When my body becomes more predictable I know that I can tweak any part of my day and create a result. If my schedule is sporadic and my eating is sporadic, then I know that my body is not going to respond to any stimuli I place upon it because the entire time it will be thinking “wtf are you doing to me??!” LOL

This is what I call making my body into a ‘fat burning machine’…and since giving birth, as you can imagine, it’s been tough with the babies schedule, my work schedule and finding time to put in workouts and food whenever I can. However, I’ve been really putting sleep as a priority as well as eating. Today I finally felt like my body is getting back on schedule. Firstly, my body felt lighter, I woke up feeling good, however my appetite is still low but I am forcing food. Usually I try to workout in the morning, but I didn’t get the opportunity today as I woke up later. I usually end up working out around 6ish in the evening if I don’t get my workout done in the morning. (It’s just so hard to leave two cute babies when they just woke up from sleeping!! Those are my favorite moments with them.)

So – right now, I’m building back my strength…which is getting a little better every week. I am starting to do push ups again and have done some running one day a week.

If any of you guys are getting ready for a wedding check out my good friend’s website: It’s a great site for those especially living in the Northern Ca region and are looking for a venue to have their wedding and reception. There are a lot of places to wed outside of a church, a country club or a hotel ballroom. This website gives you all the details of awesome locations that are affordable and beautiful.

Training at Thunder Valley Casino and Resort Sunday morning. I only had 20 mins
so I did quick training on my favorite cardio machine: Cybex’s Arc Trainer! Here I
am posing it up 11 weeks after giving birth to my second baby, Nicholas!

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