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June 16, 2011

It’s 3:20pm. I have approximately one hour to get ready before I am off again – I decided to plan a fun night out for my girlfriend, Stephanie, who eloped a few months ago and will be hosting her reception in July. It’s going to be SO much fun! But I will keep the details hidden since she MAY read this.

Right now is also the moment Nicholas finally decided to take a nap – after HOURS of teething and crying. Christian is occupied with his restricted 3o minutes of daily cartoons. So, this means I have a little bit of ‘me time’. I had a horrible night’s sleep, I STILL decided to wake up and workout at 5:30am. Since I have been so busy this week I haven’t had the time to train! So, after my workout I went to Target, then to my mom’s, then to the bank – then came home – cleaned up – then got the boys ready, went out again and went to Costco for big shopping for this weekend. Then I dropped off half the groceries at my mother’s then came home and made lunch and unloaded here. It’s been so tiring.

I can go on and on about my days. It’s constant kid entertainment – constant work – constant phone…in fact, I despise my phone. It goes off constantly.

Yesterday, even though I was exhausted from a full day I decided to go for a run with the kids and my step daughters because I knew I needed to get out and get active. I had two articles due last night and I knew the only thing that would get me focused is getting my blood flowing first. So we did a jog/brisk walk routine. It was good. Of course, they were a little hesitant towards the middle when they started getting tired. I told them, “Every day I spend time with all of you and haven’t had the time to workout, now, you get to spend time with me!” Of course, they loved it at the end! The eldest even practiced her splits (which we’ve been working on nightly) and she performed her best ever.  It was a good night.

Having my stepdaughters here makes me more cognizant of how important it is to teach them about good nutrition and exercise. Every day we count how many fruits and vegetables we had. We also make sure we do something active every day. I also notice they watch a lot of TV (which I despise as I rarely watch TV) so I make them turn it off and do something active and productive. I feel like a proud mom when I watch them perform yoga outside with some yoga cards I purchased for my mom-me fitness group. It’s so cute! They even put yoga music on their laptop to set the mood. Since they are kids they still enjoy treats here and there but it’s so important that they don’t get sweets all the time  – and if they do, they work for it!

Even though I am only with my stepdaughters a month out of the year – I really look forward to seeing them. They are so sweet and they are growing up so fast. I like knowing I can be possibly be a positive role model for them.

One of the most important things I’ve taught them is that they can accomplish anything they want to do as long as they follow 3 basic things:




For example, the eldest wants to do the splits. So I gave her the routine I did when I was her age when I was trying to do the splits during the summer of my sixth grade year. I told her to do 100 jumping jacks and 50 leg lifts on each side. Not only did this get the blood flowing, but the tendons more flexible. It’s wonderful seeing her do this every night!

I told them that in order for you to complete your goal you have to first believe in yourself…that’s where the confidence comes in. Next, you must have the discipline to follow through – eat healthy, train whatever it is you need to train, etc. Lastly, you need to practice – daily! practice, practice and more practice!

So – that’s what I tell myself more often now – and others too! Have confidence, discipline and practice!

This weekend I have river rafting, followed by a big luau pool party, followed by a family bbq and father’s day! whew! I’m tired.

With Emily on her 30th birthday! If you look closely
you can find my 3 month baby bump!

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  • Reply Alison Conor June 29, 2015 at 7:08 am

    That’s an amazing post! I strongly agree with you that it takes confidence, discipline and practice to accomplish anything that we want! In my case, being a mom takes a lot and believing first in myself is a great jump start to do the things that I want. Whenever I want to get back on track on being healthy and fit, I instill a lot of discipline and as well as practice, that’s where exercise comes in. This is what I’m teaching my kids too! 🙂

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