Mommy Fitness Blog: Busy but training!

October 28, 2011

I’ve been a bit absent this week in posting because I’ve been very busy. I’m also in the middle of updating, which is really exciting. Naturally, it’s hard to concentrate when I am awaiting the facelift of another site. In this time period though, I’ve been thinking more about what I want to do to this site and how I can provide better content. I’ve considered re-doing it, adding readers, even selling it!

In the next week I will come up with a project plan because I want to provide more quality information for my readers.

In regards to my fitness, I’ve been very good at training 3-4 times a week. Of course, it isn’t easy when I do! I always dread it. On Monday, I went to the gym without attending a class (as I usually do) because my ankle seemed very strained. So I performed cardio training on a recumbent bike. I also performed weight training. On Wednesdays I meet my girlfriend for a dance class (it really keeps us both obligated to attend) and even that is hard to get through – but I got through it. This morning, in about five minutes, I’m going to walk to the park (around nearly a mile) and meet up with my mom-me club. I don’t do much while I’m there though because the boys need constant supervision and Nicholas LOVES to swing. Tomorrow, I plan on going to the gym and performing either dance or kickboxing (as I usually do every Sat morning with the kids)…so that would make a pretty good workout week.

I’m feeling ’so so’ – I’m 32 weeks plus some days. I definitely feel heavier and more tired, but probably not as bad as the regular pregnant woman. I seem to have more energy than most.

This weekend will be busy with a Halloween party! Very fun. Last week we went to Carmel…just me and the hubby…so that was a nice break. It was fun.

I will post more later – as for right now I need to get my workout clothes on and rush out the door to make it on time!

Here I am with my good friend, Matthew, in his house in Carmel!


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