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August 17, 2009

I have been soooooooo incredibly busy this past week. I can’t even begin to tell you how my ‘to do list’ looks every day. There are moments when I wake up and I seriously don’t want to get out of bed because I know the moment I do, I’m going to have to go! go! go! until around 10pm every night.

Right now, school is starting and that means my nonprofit’s school programs are starting. I’m in the midst of coordinating volunteers, ordering products, attending meetings and creating the curriculum. It’s a HUGE responsibility to tackle on…and I want to make it as GREAT ( I was going to say perfect but I’m trying to get over my perfectionist issues) as possible. In addition to my nonprofit work, there are articles, the carehome I manage and of course THE BABY that I have to tend to on a daily basis.

So since I wrote last, my goal was to run 12 miles. I have to say that, that week I DID run 12 miles. I even ran 6 miles in one day! It was a great feeling! I love running and completing goals…I also love sweating and feeling like I had a great workout.

The only problem is: is that I’m suffering from a re-occuring injury in my left shoulderblade and it hurts more when I run. The other day I was performing lat pulldowns and pushups at the gym and I felt it strain AGAIN. That night I was hurting so much! And it’s still hurting now. SO I don’t know what to do besides lay off of it!

Last week I admit to training only TWICE! I can’t believe it! Of course, this doesn’t count my mom-me fitness club, when I do some walking and leg exercises… I was just too busy and fatigued. I felt tired all the time.

This week however, my goal is to train! To focus and to eat well.

These are my goals:

1. Run 12 miles (see how my back feels first)

2.  Cardio 6x/wk – weights 3x/wk

3. Prepare meals in advance

4. Drink water more often

5. Minimize snacking (I eat fruit snacks once a day)

6. Eat 1500-1700 calories

Workout Schedule:

Monday: kickboxing, lower body

Tuesday: run, mom-me club

Wednesday: cardio, arms, shoulders

Thursday: run, mom-me club, zumba

Friday: cardio, run

Saturday: kickboxing, core

Handing out brochures for our new fitness club at Albiani Middle School.

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